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I’ll let this speak for itself.

The Bible is about Christ and how you can be…

In Christ.


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A diya - Indian oil lamp.

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The Leading Light

105 Your word is a lamp for my feet (A)
    and a light on my path.

Psalm 119:105 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

The Word

The Word of God is what the Christian feeds on, after all we cannot survive till the end if we do not feed on spiritual as well as physical food and meals. It is through reading the Bible that we gain the spritual knowledge to make it through the day.

A Lamp

The lamp mentioned here is not a flashlight. It doesn’t have L.E.D.’s, and does not shine a powerful beam of light hundreds of feet. The lamp here is a handcrafted lamp made out of clay and dried in the sun or over a fire. Once it is prepared oil is put inside it, and then a wick is placed into the oil at the spout. This is a Biblical lamp or an oil lamp.

This kind of lamp would light the nearby pathways with a flickering light, a light enough to see a few steps in front or behind.

The picture here in verse 105 is to keep in the word of God, and it will illuminate just enough for you to move on in faith. God wants a personal relationship of trust, trust the Holy Spirit to lead you even if you can’t see more than a few steps ahead. That’s why it’s a daily walk.

To Illumine the Feet and the Path

This flickering light is there to cast just enough to show your feet on the narrow path that leads to a continued relationship with God. It can be a lot scary when you first put that faith in what cannot at times be seen but the promise in this verse is that if you walk in the Lord, and study His word- if you maintain a proper relationship with Him, he will always direct you down the only path that leads to an eternity with Him.

A Prayer

Dear Lord,

Help me to trust your word, help me to follow in the pathway you illuminate for me. Help me to trust you to lead me deeper and deeper into a eternal friendship with you. This I pray in Jesus name.


In Christ,