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Miles Teves has worked on many films as a storyboard/concept artist amongst other things on a vast multitude of productions in the movie making business. I was looking through his site at some of his work and found that he had done some storyboarding for The Passion of The Christ!

A Nail being driven into the Hand of Jesus Christ

To see the remainder of The Passion of The Christ storyboards please visit Miles Teves’s Website at:The Full Set of The Passion of The Christ Storyboards

Such powerful imagery!

How amazing what Christ did for us on that cross!

In Christ,



Last year I posted about a stunning sunset and how “…God is not far from anyone of us.” The same is just as true this year as last. I was not able to get a photograph of the sunset that preceded these blood red clouds but I have seen some. It was another phenomenal display of how awesome God is.

Following is a short youtube video I shot of the red clouds and a couple of digital stills.

God willingly crushed Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior on the Cross and His spilled blood is the New Covenant. There is no other way to gain salvation, period.


In Christ,


P.S. More Awesome “God Shots” coming soon!

I just added a new page on Inductive Bible Study the method of Bible Study that I wholeheartedly recommend!

Please check it out as this is the type of Bible Study that will not only help bring the Bible to life like never before for you but it will also help you understand the verse by verse Bible Study breakdowns I’ll be doing more of in the near future.

Here’s the link or you can access it through the menu system.

How to Study the Bible Inductively

In Christ,


Today God put a very important topic on my heart- The Signs of the Times- no not the Adventist magazine…but the Signs of the END Times. And how we should be acting as Christians in light of the Word of God. Check it Out!

Until next time…be looking up!

In Christ,


life at 10000 feet

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Today I’m happy to present to you the first episode of as many as God allows me to produce of Morning Walk in The Word (MWiTW).

MWiTW is a devotional video designed to be watched as something to fortify for your upcoming day by grounding you firmly in a message of hope form the Word of God, of course I encourage you to view them when you have the time but being grounded in the Word at the beginning of each day is a key part of the Christian Walk and living in a full and active relationship with Christ! While I very much doubt I can keep up with producing a video a day (especially on Sunday) I will produce at least two devotional videos a week. In each video I’ll be sharing from the Word on a different topic, each topic will be chosen by God moments before I record the segments on my camera!

Today’s video is about how we as believers should be Transformed not Conformed.

I hope you find some comfort in the Word and have a blessed day.

In Christ,


This short video was shown in front of my church this morning. It tells of my faith story as I walk through the desert with Christ and I want to share it with you.

I hope that this might help you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

To God be the glory!

In Christ,


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Of course it’s not really Spurgeon that’s keeping the Devil at bay but my daily putting on the Armor of God, but part of putting on that armor for me recently has been reading a book of 365 devotionals compiled out of sermons preached by the great Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

The book is titled 365 days with Spurgeon Vol. 3 and I picked it up in mint condition from a used bookstore in Redlands California called Katz Alley two weeks ago. The book was compiled by the same gentleman who put together the two previous volumes a man by the name of Dr. Terence Peter Crosby.

I’d advise you to try and find copies of each volume, the third has been fantastic thus far, as you cannot go wrong with Spurgeon as he is a true man of God. I bet God and Spurgeon are having some good times in Heaven right now and this is a man I can’t wait to meet myself.

Over the next few months I will be sharing quotes that really spoke to me from his devotionals (which came from his sermons)- with each quote I will include the sermon number and the date it was preached if the information is available.

Today I’ll start with a quote that reminds me of the false religiosity I escaped when the Lord called me out of Adventism:

I am afraid that in modern religion there is a want of depth in all points; they neither deeply tremble or greatly rejoice; they neither much despair nor much believe. Beware of pious veneering! Beware of religion that consists of putting on a slice of godliness over a mass of carnality. We must have thoroughgoing work within; grace which reaches the core and affects the innermost spirit is the only grace worth having.

Sermon 852  24th of January 1869

Praise God for the earthly greats of the past and the greats that the Lord has graciously led me too in the present who preach the Gospel with Power and Grace, and steadfastly build people up in the truth of all of God’s Word.

In Christ,


P.S. For some reason the ending quote of my blockquote is gone…oh well.

Just the other day, yes that would be the 20th of May 2011 Colleen Tinker a friend and Former Adventist did an hour radio interview over the phone with Todd Friel for Wretched Radio.

This interview is a MUST for understanding the ticking inner workings and teachings underneath the thin Christian sheen of Adventism. I highly recommend a listen to for all people who visit this blog, Christian and non Christian alike.

Unfortunately I cannot host it here but you can find it at one of the following link and listen to it free of charge!

Former Adventist . Com Under news at the top right of the main page- look for Wretched Radio.

Life Assurance Ministries Upper left corner..look for Wretched Radio.

God Bless you today!


What do Harold Camping and his followers and Amazing Facts have in common, I’ll tell you in this post. In fact I’ll get it out right now.

Date setting is wrong (Camping), and taking advantage of disillusioned people in the aftermath of said date setting (Amazing Facts) is wrong also.

Don’t Set Dates

Harold Camping and his followers are absolutely certain that Jesus will come for His Bride in May 21 2001. They are so certain that a specific time has also been given of 6 P.M.- time zone I do not know. I do know that they are wrong.

The Bible states that they are unquestionably wrong. It states that no one knows the date or the hour of Jesus return for His Bride but the Father. Harold Camping is not God the Father.


The current logo of Fox Television

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Just how messed up is the world by the ravages of sin…it’s messed up so badly that the Super Bowl commercial below was REJECTED by Fox for … well apparently for the following.

“advancing particular beliefs or practices,” which is against company policy.

Every commercial shown on television advances particular beliefs or practices Fox…I would have been impressed if you were in fact up front and honest and simply stated: we won’t show this since it shares Christian beliefs.

If you had said…it shares the specific Christian belief that the only way to be saved was because Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross, and we can’t support that I’d have been even more impressed.

What do you think?

In Christ,