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Of course it’s not really Spurgeon that’s keeping the Devil at bay but my daily putting on the Armor of God, but part of putting on that armor for me recently has been reading a book of 365 devotionals compiled out of sermons preached by the great Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

The book is titled 365 days with Spurgeon Vol. 3 and I picked it up in mint condition from a used bookstore in Redlands California called Katz Alley two weeks ago. The book was compiled by the same gentleman who put together the two previous volumes a man by the name of Dr. Terence Peter Crosby.

I’d advise you to try and find copies of each volume, the third has been fantastic thus far, as you cannot go wrong with Spurgeon as he is a true man of God. I bet God and Spurgeon are having some good times in Heaven right now and this is a man I can’t wait to meet myself.

Over the next few months I will be sharing quotes that really spoke to me from his devotionals (which came from his sermons)- with each quote I will include the sermon number and the date it was preached if the information is available.

Today I’ll start with a quote that reminds me of the false religiosity I escaped when the Lord called me out of Adventism:

I am afraid that in modern religion there is a want of depth in all points; they neither deeply tremble or greatly rejoice; they neither much despair nor much believe. Beware of pious veneering! Beware of religion that consists of putting on a slice of godliness over a mass of carnality. We must have thoroughgoing work within; grace which reaches the core and affects the innermost spirit is the only grace worth having.

Sermon 852  24th of January 1869

Praise God for the earthly greats of the past and the greats that the Lord has graciously led me too in the present who preach the Gospel with Power and Grace, and steadfastly build people up in the truth of all of God’s Word.

In Christ,


P.S. For some reason the ending quote of my blockquote is gone…oh well.