Project B.E.A.R.

What about a Bear?

Project B.E.A.R. is something that everyone could do if they put their minds to it, but what exactly is this bear thing all about?

B.E.A.R. stands for the following:

BAG The Bag is the main part of the whole thing. My Bag is a satchel bag the kind used by bicycle messengers. I use it as my personal witnessing tool to lead people to Christ because-

The B.E.A.R. Bag

EMERGENCY It’s an emergency time now to get the Word out to those we meet on the streets. And on top of that it can even be a tool-

AFTER you’re gone from this Earth this bag that you’ve prepared will be full of useful information to lead whoever find the bag into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. This will come in handy especially after the-

RAPTURE because soon our King and Savior is going to take us away from this Earth. And leaving a bag of helpful items behind will help whoever finds the bag.

Mine Includes the Following

AAA Batteries (For my DVR (Afterwords) and my MP3 Player (Full of Sermons).

Inside Pocket One

Bible Underlining Pens
In the first Zippered pocket are A Bible Tract on Heaven, A small book containing 4 seroms on the Ressurection, and book on the Rapture, and a coupl of other items.

In the main pocket is my Apologetics Bible for Students.

In the Front external Pocket are the books Preparing for a Better Country on Heaven and Earth the Final Chapter by Hal Lindsey. ALong with many cards for my Biblerunner blog.

And of course my DVR and MP3 Player.

Costs Moneywise

If you stock it from Goodwill and the Salvation Army not very much at all.

Personal Costs

Not many at all. A little time to write a note of encouragement or instruction manual might help.

Just Share It!

Share the word after you’re Gone. Make a B.E.A.R.

In Christ,


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