Project Afterwords

Afterwords is a seperate project that will be included as part of my B.E.A.R. project.

It is something I think would be awesome for other believers to do to share their faith on a more personal level with those who don’t know the word of God.

What is Afterwords?

Afterwords is a handheld Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) filled with the Word of God, this DVR will be kept in the B.E.A.R. so that it can be discovered by the new owner of the B.E.A.R. and help in their new walk with the Lord.

My DVR comes with four folders A-E and I am recording on them as follows:

Folder A Afterwords: After the Rapture/why I’m not here/About me/Teachings through important Biblical knowledge.

Folder B Words of Hope: Spoken verses from all over the Bible to encourage and challange one in their faith and walk with God.

Folder C Walking Thoughts: My thoughts recorded as I walk from place to place to do with Biblical things. Also to use real events in ones life to point to Biblical truths. Simply nuggets to share the faith.

Folder D Lyrics from Christian Songs that I’ve written, and original poetry and prose to share faith and hope.

Folder E Dramatized Book of Revelation followed by Prayer. Followed by a Second Recording of a Different Dramatization of the Book of Revelation and another prayer.

Why Afterwords?

As a believer I can’t help but feel as if I have to reach out in new and creative ways to those who don’t know God. I’d like to think that as an unbeliever if I found this DVR I would be very thankful that someone had taken the time to share their faith in their God with me in a time of confusion and distress.

I also think the more people who participate in Project Afterwords the more people we can save into an eternal life with Christ.

The Monetary Cost

Shouldn’t really matter but if you’re intrested my Sony DVR cost $39.95 plus Tax.

The Personal Cost

Making the recordings does take time, but since I feel we’re not going to be here much longer we’d better get going on things right now so we can save lives for the Kingdom.

I hope you’ll join me in Project Afterwords and share your faith even when you’re no longer here to do so.

In Christ,


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