My Testimony: About RossBondReturns

My real name is Ross Cooper and I am a 33 Year Old Screenwriter/Poet/Playwright and Lyricist. I have been writing since age 10 and enjoy it with a passion. More importantly for this outreach however I am a Pastors’ kid. I was born into a religious family, and learned from The Bible at an early age. I learned of a God who seemed to be untouchable, to me though I could feel him everywhere. I was baptized into the Seventh-Day adventist Church in 1990 by my father on the same day as my sister.

Boy did it feel good to be saved, to be part of “The Church”, the Remnant Church. We had “it” right while others had “it” wrong.

Or did we, and were they?

Certainly everything I learned through Sabbath School and learned through Pastor and Teachers backed up our claims…of course it would.

However as I grew older I got disillusioned by what I call “Hopscotch Christianity” where a Pastor jumps from verse to verse throughout the Biblwe to prove a point or solidify a message. Shouldn’t a message be able to prove itself from the very chapter it’s found in? Not to mention that if as the Bible claims “every word is good for teaching” why am I only being taught from 5-10 books the majority of the time.

So I in the end through the grace, kindness, longsuffering and insistence of the Holy Spirit stuided myself to a new clearer understanding of God. The God wants to save everyone. That it’s a simple choice about choosing him and his promise and not about keeping a day over another. I worship Jesus EVERY DAY.

I am a Christian. Rebaptized and Reborn. I’m not part of ANY religion. The Church is made up of Believers from all religions and all walks of life.

It is my hope that through this witness and this blog, and through the factional story of The Bible Runner that you too might begin to take another or perhaps a first look at christ.

To contact me I can be reached through

AIM: GeneralJConnor

God Bless.

  1. TJ says:

    Well said, and Amen. 🙂

    Just been busy lately, little time online and hot weather.

  2. Duane D. Garcia says:

    Whats up Ross… Went to your site this morning after sitting next to you yesterday at the Salvation army well really cool website, you have a great testimony and this is great how you witness the message of Christ to the world, I agree what you said the world is the church and how you treat people is being a Christian not in these man made structures but they too have a purpose. Well I have a degree in Human Service that God has called me too and with the economy and no job it is hard well basically Take care and would like some imput if you have any.

    God bless on your Journey

    • rossbondreturns says:

      Glad you got a chance to check it out, I’ll be seeing you around, God bless you in your outreach as well. If you’d like to have something to do with the blog…like writing articles yourself e-mail me at:

  3. Darren Shattler says:

    It’s been a pleasure meeting you, worshiping with you, and to witness the holy spirit working through you! Thank you brother…

    Take Care,
    “I’M THIRD”

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  5. brian senior says:

    Hey Ross it’s Brian from Men of Courage. I was wondering if I could email u a song to practice for tomorrow?

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