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Hello All!

I’m just dropping you a friendly reminder about the Bible Runner’s dramatic podcast which I’ve been teasing recently since we just released the first episode online.

So far there is only an augmented podcast via youtube but I’m working on getting an easy link to download the mp3 available for downloading and listening to it online.

 The Bible Runners’ S.O.S. Podcast!

Or visit through the link in the menu to the left of the page.

We hope you enjoy it and leave a comment.

In Christ,



Later this year we’ll be releasing the Premiere Episode of The Bible Runners!

Preparing The World

Right now I’m currently preparing character biographies for the major characters in the Bible Runners universe. At the same time we have to find a talented team of voice actors to bring the characters to life, my friend and Brother in Christ Jack Dauer of the Iceberg Lounge Podcast is helping with that. I’ve also started working on the script for the pilot episode, in which we’ll gently ease you into the world that I’ve been creating over the past 20 years.

However this is a world that you will not be able to look at after all podcasts do not feature video at all. So the first question I had to ask when in the conceptual stage for the podcast was: how can I bring the world to live visually if the listener can’t see it?


It’s often said in making a film that finding the right locations for certain shots is half the battle. This counts for itty bitty no budget Christian short films as well. Case in point I’m working on my own Christian Short called Future Drive and the central scene in the film is one of the most important. I just can’t choose the location…so I’m asking for YOUR opinion.

Both of these locations work fine for the scene in question and I’ve even done some testing at both locations.

The choices are….Location A:

Location A

Location A


Or Location B:

Location B

Location B


Please cast you votes using the Poll and Thank You! (Voting closes Midnight on Friday PST)!

In Christ,



Hey folks!

Sorry my posting has been so sparse but I’ve been rather busy making The Thief in The Night! That said I also have been making a series of shorts set in the fictional BibleRunner universe- and I’ve finally cranked out a new one for you!

It features the Gospel, Tension, RUNNING- and a new soundtrack!

Check out the latest episode here- I’ll be adding another link on the BibleRunner Webisodes page here in a moment- I hope you enjoy!

To God be the Glory!


Alright I’ve released the next Webisode of the BibleRunner (mostly one man) webseries it can be found by visiting the BibleRunner Webisode page…or just simply- view it below.

Coming later this week part Three of my inductive Bible Study of John covering verses 12-18 of Chapter One!

Feel free to look ahead and study for yourself, I’ll try and have my study written up by Friday.

Thanks for stopping by.

In Chirst,


It’s time for a new episode of The BibleRunner webseries!

Hope you guys enjoy it.

In Christ,


Here is Webisode One of The BibleRunner! Now WITH FIXED Subtitles!

Synopsis: It is two years after the Rapture of the Church. The Global Protective Forces (GPF) are constantly on the lookout for Christians who continually disturb the peace with their singular outlook. The world thought that it would be quieter when all those Christians vanished, but now there are more in this surviving remnant than there ever were before. However Christians are forced to exist in underground communities referred to as the Christian Underground (C.U.), they are branded as criminals, and snatched from the streets on a whim by GPF forces. It is in this would that I found Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, now my life is His and I do the work He wants me to do. Along with groups of like people around the world I’m part of a team of people called Runners, we deliver sensitive information from C.U. location to C.U. location. The Bible has been outlawed and those found are destroyed, it is my job to get the Word, hard copy or digital- or what ever needs to be transported safely to its destination. We do this by foot- there is too much surveillance on public transportation- and the average citizen would turn us in for a nickle.

My name is Damian McAnders…but I’m known as The BibleRunner.

This is a short film if you will nearly 15 minutes in length shot on location in Redlands California.

Thanks for viewing!

In Christ,



Here’s the one with the Voiceover.


Yes I’ve gone and done it, I’m going to ask for help to deliver a much better realization the the BibleRunner Universe through the pastoral staff of the churches I attend to make the BibleRunner Webisodes exciting and high impact.

I shot the teaser trailer using my Sony Point and Shoot Digital and the music is from the Soundtrack for my one of my old fanscripts which  Andy Barnes composed for me many moons ago.

I will be uploading the same trailer with a voice over track instead tomorrow.

Hope this has piqued your interest.

In Christ,


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