The Bible Runner Prologue…

The Bible Runner
A Novel By
Ross Cooper


Kill on sight.

The young man on the screen did not look remarkable but those words in glaring red under his name changed everything.

Seated in front of the large plasma screen were two gentlemen, one was older with gray hair turning to white, the other a protégée. He was used car salesman like, very slick, black hair glued to his head with styling product and it was he who spoke first.

“Don’t you think that’s a little dramatic?”


With a touch on the screen the picture receded and a bio of sorts appeared in its place. McAnders was the target of opportunities name, and apart from that his information was hardly a blip, he was it seemed a law abiding citizen.

“Reynolds,” the older man said.


“This young man is a person of great interest. Intel states that he runs a legitimate company to cover for Christian indiscretions.”

Reynolds looked over the information closer and without asking brought McAnders picture to the forefront. Glare from one of the overhead lights blemished the view so he shielded the corner of the screen with a cupped hand. In silence Reynolds studied the photograph, his intense gray eyes peeling it layer by layer.
The room they were in held many workstations but all of them were empty, since the large digital clock in the room showed 23:34 that wasn’t a surprise. There were a few lone desk lamps that cast out the cones of light like electrical Cyclops but it didn’t matter, the electric bill was paid out of government slush funds as it were.

“Someone from D.C. is trying to contact him through some unusual channels,” the old man spoke softly.

“So do you want him dead now or later?”

Looking up at Reynolds the old man shrugged.

“Whatever happens he can not be allowed to make contact with D.C. personally. I don’t care whether you bury him in the City of Angels or the City of Sin; you just make sure he doesn’t interfere with our best laid plans.”

“We’re still expected in Israel then, end of the year?”

The old man just nodded, then with great effort he stood and without looking back slowly walked to the nearest door and left the room.

Reynolds looked at the picture of his target one more time, and then he shut down the system.

To Be Continued…

  1. Curious says:

    Love the line “City of Angels or the City of Sin”. Great analogy Ross. Kudos.

    • rossbondreturns says:

      I’m glad that you’re reading my Christian Fiction as well- I will be uploading more as I write. I am a writer/screenwriter on top of being a Christian so I hope you continue to enjoy the BibleRunner novel. If you have any questions about it specifically please don’t hesitate to ask.


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