The Bible Runner: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

This was all rather grandiose if a little anti-climactic, to bring down a building on a man seemed wasteful but I was nothing if not an opportunist. We had after all followed orders perfectly; McAnders had been killed on sight. The old man would be pleased on the other hand I had hoped for a longer vacation, oh well. The ground shook as more of the Cathedral collapsed in on itself, it was still an inferno and I wondered if we’d even find a skeleton of McAnders to identify. One of the local soldiers walked over, he carried his helmet in the crook of his arm and was munching on a toothpick.

“Perimeter is secured Sir, prisoners are ready for transport.”

“Good, as soon as it’s cooled enough I want you in there.”


“I want to know for sure that we got him.”


Turning my back on the smoldering ruins I made my way towards a waiting sedan, it all seemed so anti-climatic, we’d taken care of two birds with one stone. As usual these things all boiled down to one thing, people had needs and you facilitated those needs for a price. In this case we needed information so we reached out to people who could provide that information with the proper impetus oft times money and possibly keeping them out of the slammer.

With a mental shrug I slid into the back seat of the sedan and the door was closed sealing me off from the world. After a couple of seconds we pulled away from the curb and entered into the light flow of mostly government traffic that used the streets at night. The chauffeurs voice came from a speaker on the wall of the sedan asking where it was that I wanted to go, and pushing in a button to reply I let the man know. After a few moments of indecision I fastened my seat belt, there was no point in being unprepared. Similarly there was no telling just when things would go crazy and it hurt not to be on your toes. My headset chirped.


“I’m watching that Los Angeles action live-“

“It had to be done, besides it was just some stuffy old church what do we care.”

I should have known it would be Escalante, he was always talking about the legal and historical ramifications of every single action we took. We’re the law I keep reminding him, our perspective is all that mattered in the end no matter what anyone else thought. Certainly every once in a great while we did loose a court case, but that was just to give the illusion that there was some fairness involved.

“It was a historic landmark that was going to be turned into a museum.”

“There’s already plenty of Christian museums Jaime they don’t need another.”

“Maybe so maybe no, that’s not the important part-.”

“Then what is!”

There was silence from the other end of the line, but I didn’t care, I just watched the streets bleed past it was taking forever to get through to the Los Angeles headquarters for the GPF. I just wanted to get there, gather the information, confirm McAnders expiration and get on a flight back east. All told this vacation was ending up being far too short.

“… folks are already reporting in from metropolitan centers from around the world that Christian groups of all kinds are putting out a push. Every time we get information off the net it gets back on, and U.A. Groups around the world are hitting our own transports again. Anytime you do something-“

“I’m doing my job, I don’t have the time or the inclination to worry about the global outcome of each and every action that we undertake.”

“True, but it’s not helping our cause when two major actions occur within 24 hours.”


“Or when such actions make us look like we’re a bunch of incompetent imbeciles.”

“Are you wanting to take over? Seriously, I’d love to see you out here on the front lines attempting to keep up.”

“Fair enough, I just wanted to issue you a warning that’s all.”

“It’s understood and appreciated, I have to go.”

Touching my headset I cut the connection, then I pushed the button to lower the privacy partition and talk to the driver.

“How much longer?”

“Another fifteen minutes, there’s been some rioting in the area, I’ll try and work us around it.”

“Fair enough. Where’s the rest of the convoy?”

“Taking a different route Sir, we wanted any chance of a rescue attempt to be minimalized. They should be getting in around now Sir.”

“Have them strap Jordan down and leave her in a dark room, I’d like to talk to her personally upon arrival.”

“Yes Sir, I’ll radio that ahead.”

Before the privacy partition was halfway closed he was already passing on my orders over the radio. There wasn’t very much I could realistically do, all things took time, and so I just got comfortable and closed my eyes.


Feeling refreshed I walked into the interrogation room, the young lady looked innocent enough but I knew if give her even the slightest hope she’d try to turn it into an escape attempt. Walking round the table I placed the file upon it and waited. My eyes took in the whole room but I was more than attuned enough to pick up on any reaction she might give to the file. There wasn’t much, just a slow glance then a calm raising of her eyes to meet mine. There was no fear. Perhaps I wouldn’t be going back to the east coast quite as soon as I had assumed.

“Feel free to take a seat,” she said with a smile.

“Miss Davis, I assume you’ve been read your rights.”

“I wasn’t aware we had any.”

Smiling I slowly took a seat flipping open the file folder, I let out a sigh.

“It’s a figure of speech. You know it’s truly a pity that you’ve chosen the wrong side in this altercation.”

“Have you taken the time to actually read a Bible agent? You loose.”

Letting the question hang unanswered I responded with a question of my own.

“Do you really want to go to jail again?”

“Sure. Jail’s pretty neat at least I get three meals a day and cable TV.”

“You’re not afraid of someone shanking you in the middle of the night.”

“To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, so no mister man in black I’m not concerned about such things.”

“You Christians are weird, that said where’s the information?”


“You stole a flash drive full of information-.”

“I didn’t steal it, the thing was handed to me-.”

“By a GPF Agent?”

“Yes by a GPF agent. He’d been in pursuit on foot and missed a jump, by the time I made it down to him the poor guy was practically dead.”

“And what did this Agent say to you?”

“He told me to get the message out.”

She’s telling the truth, came the voice in my earpiece.

That was not totally unexpected; the statistics showed that over seventy-five percent of Christian Anarchists told the truth under interrogation. However the implications of what she was saying to me were troubling to say the least, evidently that concern was visible on my face.

“Unfortunately he died moments later so I couldn’t ask him any further questions. It certainly however does bring up some interesting possibilities.”

“It does. On the other hand it does not change the fact that I still need that information.”

“Well I’m afraid I don’t have it.”

Flipping the folder closed with a snap of the wrist I looked at her right in the eyes.

“Then I need to know who does.”

“I don’t know.”

True, came the voice from my earpiece.


“Yes, last I know McAnders had it. He may have had it on him tonight but I don’t know. Contrary to what your intelligence gathering efforts may have revealed McAnders and I are not in any kind of relationship one way or the other.”

“That’s a pity. I’m simply waiting for the news of his death to come trickling over my earpiece.”

For just a moment her eyes flickered up to mine and her jaw dropped just a fraction.

“If that’s so, then I covet where He is. At least he’s being treated justly.”

Standing with her file in my hands I walk to her side and perch on the edge of the table. Giving her a look over I do some mental arithmetic, doing the pros and cons comparison; eventually the mental war of attrition ends.

“You won’t be going to jail.”


“Think about it, what use are you in jail, besides jail is for criminals and you’re a terrorist. We have a lot of leeway with terrorists.”

Walking to the door I opened it sand stepped outside, just before the door closed I heard her parting salvo- “You lose.”

To Be Continued…


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