We are in Pre-Production on The Bible Runners Podcast!

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Bible Runner, Breaking News, Christian Beliefs, Outreach, Running the Race, The Christian Walk

Later this year we’ll be releasing the Premiere Episode of The Bible Runners!

Preparing The World

Right now I’m currently preparing character biographies for the major characters in the Bible Runners universe. At the same time we have to find a talented team of voice actors to bring the characters to life, my friend and Brother in Christ Jack Dauer of the Iceberg Lounge Podcast is helping with that. I’ve also started working on the script for the pilot episode, in which we’ll gently ease you into the world that I’ve been creating over the past 20 years.

However this is a world that you will not be able to look at after all podcasts do not feature video at all. So the first question I had to ask when in the conceptual stage for the podcast was: how can I bring the world to live visually if the listener can’t see it?

The answer of course is perspective. As a writer I would have to at the very least use some kind of narrator or narration, I would have to describe the world in detail so that you could experience it coming alive in your imagination. The other major thing that I would have to do is to create sound beds and music to blend with the eventual spoken dialogue to engage as many of the senses as I could.

Just like in film or television the characters that inhabit the Los Angeles represented in The Bible Runners will have fully developed back stories that we will investigate via flashbacks. This being the case the actions and choices made by characters as they find themselves in a given situation will naturally grow out of the factors revealed as the story progresses. These characters: Damian, Jordan, Lindell, Victoria, Estrella, Brynn, Gregory and the supporting cast each have their own beliefs/hopes/needs not to mention people that they answer to. Everything has to be taken into account to make the world that we are creating become a living and breathing world to the listener.

Expanding the World

In the World of The Bible Runners things are falling apart because we are entering into the time of the Book of Revelation after the Church, the Bride of Christ has been called home to Heaven by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These characters will not only have to deal with survival against things that they know and can understand, even as society crumbles around them, but the true battle is against things unseen.

And of course on top of that you have The Seals, Bowls and Vials of the Wrath of God being poured out on the world and the persecution of The Remnant of new believers that will further complicate matters.

Damian, Jordan, Brynn, and Lindell (not to mention others) are all part of the core founders of the Bible Runner network in Los Angeles. God raised them up and they found salvation in the ashes of broken lives in the Post-Rapture landscape, God had this work for them to do. As Bible Runners they are the only way to maintain a line of communication between the various underground Christian enclaves that meet in secret under the watchful eyes of the Global Government, the Coalition of Aligned Nations otherwise known as C.A.N.

The C.A.N. encourages the global populace to report and turn in any Christians or provide information leading up to their arrest. As you can probably imagine Christians, those of the Remnant, have very few if any rights. They are hounded night and day not only by the populace (if they notice they’re a Christian) but specifically by the C.A.N.’s security forces knows as the Global Protective Forces or G.P.F.

It is in this world that the Word of God must be kept active and alive, and runners travel between enclaves to deliver news/status reports/supplies and of course Bibles, digital and otherwise.

This is not a world I will be around to experience thankfully, but it is one that is likely going to become a reality sooner rather than later perhaps.

Revealing the World

For now I fell the best thing for me to do would be to share a trailer for the world to give you some kind of idea of what to expect. Two things must be kept in mind though, firstly there is no dialogue in this trailer because we are a long way from recording dialogue and more importantly there are pictures to go along with the sound bed and music. So I recommend that after you watch it with the pictures you minimize and try it again without and let you imagination build the world as it sees it.

Please keep us in prayer as we work to bring God Word to a world where many avoid Him so that perhaps some will be touched and avoid the future represented in the upcoming Dramatic Podcast.

God Bless.


  1. bri says:

    Ross, the Lord impressed me to ask for forgiveness for some of the things I have said to you on this blog and have a blessed weekend in whatever you are doing.

    • rossbondreturns says:


      I accept your apology and hope that you continue to follow the Lord and submit yourself to His leading. Hopefully we’ll cross paths in person again and discuss things face to face. I’d like that a lot.

      Know that I am praying for you.

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