The Theological Problems and Missing Events from “The Bible” Miniseries Part 3

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Christian Beliefs

Hello all!

Now I know that the Miniseries on the History channel is over however I think it’s very important that we continue to look through the Theological Problems and Missing Events from the Bible Miniseries. The reason we are taking things so seriously is that Biblical Discernment is a big deal. And if a powerful witnessing opportunity such as The Bible (TB) Miniseries which may be something that people base their beliefs on- or could be the only religious thing they see is it accurately telling the story of the Bible.

And so far I can easily say the answer is no. What we’re seeing in TB is a Seeker mentality, a series of leadership vignettes, about people that helped to change the world. It is self-help, moralistic, exegetic nonsense that could possibly be watched on mute for the pretty pictures but I wouldn’t for one second base my Theology on it.

Before we move on to the story of Moses I need to reach back to a part of the story of Abraham that I neglected to mention and it’s a combination of things missing and things added. I am speaking of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom is where we get the basis for the term Sodomy, sodomy is relationships of a sexual nature that are condemned by God. Men and Women were designed for one another, men and men and woman and woman were not.

In TB we don’t see even a hint of Sodomy, not that I particularly wanted to, but there should have been at least a hint of tit on screen. Instead we have some kind of massive Mardis Gras street festival, everyone is having a huge Spring Break party or something. Everyone is having a good time and there’s jugglers and firebreathers- basically it looks like people are having fun and the wrath of God and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is because people were having a really large party.

Also I don’t remember Ninjangels (TM) running around in the Bible story and protecting Lot and his family as they leave. On the flipside I applaud Lot for not breaking off part of his wives finger for salt as was done many years ago in NBC’s Noah. Yes that’s right NBC’s Noah put the Old Testament into a blender and hit Frappe in order to place the story of Noah after Sodom and Gomorrah.

Ahyhow moving right along TB skips Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and the incredibly important story of Joseph and like a skipping stone across a body of water sets its sights on the story of Moses next. That’s right it skips the rest of Genesis and moves right into Exodus.

Moses (and the Israelites)

The Moses in TB does not remember much of his Israelite upbringing which is just lazy writing. The young man certainly learned all about his people from his mother as sometimes mothers in Bible times weaned their children until 4 or 5. This history,the history of his people, would have been ingrained in him and would not have been forgotten as is displayed in TB this is done for storytelling purposes only.

Once Moses strikes and kills the Egyptian and runs for his life the Biblical story finds him fleeing to Midian and saving the life the daughters and flocks of Reuel- and he is given Zipporah’s hand in marriage. She had a son named Gershon. Many years passed and Pharaoh died. Moses is tending to the flocks of his father in law Jethro when the Lord appears to him in a burning bush.

In TB however Moses lives like a hermit in a tent in the wilderness not a sheep, wife or kid in sight. In fact he isn’t drawn off to look at a burning bush- the thing bursts into flame right outside his tent!

A conversation occurs which is missing major elements from the Biblical story and Moses heads back to Egypt.

When he first faces off with the new Pharaoh (his old childhood step brother) he exclaims that “God saved me for a reason.”

So God needed a Leader, and Moses was saved for a Reason, this Reason was to…

I must say this Moses does a whole lot of talking for a guy who in the Bible account did very little talking. This is of course because you can’t be telling a series of leadership stories and having Moses being a leader that does his leading though the mouthpiece of another.  Moses himself must lead not only in action but voice.

And then come the 10 Plagues:

In the Bible this begins when in FULL SIGHT of Pharaoh and his people Moses and Aaron turn the Nile to blood. It is a powerful moment, they mean business, God through them means business.

In TB it’s a covert mission with Moses, Aaron, Miriam and Joshua at the very least sneaking up on the opposite side of the Nile. Moses says a few words and then has Aaron dip the staff into the Nile and the Blood begins to flow outward filling the river as Pharaoh floats on his back…his people freak out…and he comes out covered in blood.

Not even close to the same impact.

TB Then tells the rest of the Plagues that in all likely hood took the better part of a year to happen in a cliff’s notes rush of one or two then Moses telling Pharaoh to let His people Go…and getting a yelled No in response. I’m not kidding it’s like an incredibly shorthand montage that undercuts the supernatural deliverance of the Israelite s by God.

The Angel of death is done…alright I suppose. They show a lamb being slaughtered and bowls being used to carry its blood, them painting their lintels with the blood.

However in The Bible the people had to slaughter their own Lambs, for their own blood…and the entire Passover supper so important to the Jewish nation was GONE.

The Crossing of the Red Sea

In TB there is no CLOUD representing God to lead them by day…or cloud of fire by night. When they face the Red Sea…they are not camped there overnight…the flaming wind/cloud doesn’t cut the Egyptians off from them. Instead it’s all very very fast, Moses using his staff stabs it into the water and okay that’s pretty AWESOME!

It looked FANTASTIC and people start running through the Red Sea…through massive towering canyons of water…but my goodness isn’t that ground soggy and wet. By the time they get out the other side they look like they’ve walked through a car wash.

In the Bible story it is very clearly stated that they went through on DRY LAND.

Also in the Bible there a whole lot of complaining and sinning that happens here big time. The Israelite s and the Golden Calf on the very day they get the 10 Commandments no less.

The making of the Tabernacle…each and every piece and part which points to Christ Jesus. The sacrifices. The Priestly work. And 40 years of wandering until Moses is dead and Joshua is about to lead them across the Jordan into the Promised Land.

However, TB is about Leadership stories, and you can’t show the leadership flat out failing when you’re building up the Man side of the Bible while tearing down or at the very least obscuring the Supernatural God aspects of the Bible. No no…we must make Moses leadership a successful leadership. So after a little bit of wandering…and camping…Moses goes up and gets the 10 Commandments…and bringing them down meets with I believe Joshua and makes the following statement.

“God has renewed the promise he made to Abraham we have new laws preparing us for the promised land. If we are true to God He will keep His promise.”

The Covenant that God made with Abraham was NEVER in the point that it needed to be renewed. The Laws were NOT to prepare the people of Israel for the Promised Land but to point out their sin and need for God…just like for the unbeliever today.

One cannot be true to God…unless He walks in God’s way which is impossible unless one is Born Again.

I must also point out that the only one who ratified the Covenant known as the Abrahamic Covenant was GOD and not Abraham because God caused Abraham to fall into a deep sleep…and then ratified the covenant by HIMSELF. The Christian Believer enters into both the Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenant for the Abrahamic Covenant is unconditional…as is the New Covenant because we are in Christ who fulfilled all the requirements of the Old Covenant…to enable us to enter into the New Covenant through His blood.

TB then as I hinted at earlier SKIPS 40 years of wandering…everything to do with the Tabernacle…the sacrifices…doesn;t even explain the 10 Commandments AT ALL…and just generally De-Judaizes the majority of the Exodus. In fact there is very little in the entire Old Testament section of TB even to do with the Tabernacle/Temple…and barely a mention nor a definition of Sin…until I think the New Testament sections of TB begin.

Next time…we’ll look at Joshua-David.

In Christ,





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