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Hello all!

Now I know that the Miniseries on the History channel is over however I think it’s very important that we continue to look through the Theological Problems and Missing Events from the Bible Miniseries. The reason we are taking things so seriously is that Biblical Discernment is a big deal. And if a powerful witnessing opportunity such as The Bible (TB) Miniseries which may be something that people base their beliefs on- or could be the only religious thing they see is it accurately telling the story of the Bible.

And so far I can easily say the answer is no. What we’re seeing in TB is a Seeker mentality, a series of leadership vignettes, about people that helped to change the world. It is self-help, moralistic, exegetic nonsense that could possibly be watched on mute for the pretty pictures but I wouldn’t for one second base my Theology on it.

Before we move on to the story of Moses I need to reach back to a part of the story of Abraham that I neglected to mention and it’s a combination of things missing and things added. I am speaking of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom is where we get the basis for the term Sodomy, sodomy is relationships of a sexual nature that are condemned by God. Men and Women were designed for one another, men and men and woman and woman were not.