The Horrible Theology of the Miniseries The Bible Part 2

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, Films, Just Wrong!, Outreach, Running the Race, The Bible

The Story of Abraham and Sarah

One of the immediate issues I have is that in The Bible (TB) Abraham and Sarah are always named Abraham and Sarah. IN the Bible it wasn’t until later in the story when Abram and Sarai’s names were changed to Abraham and Sarah.

In TB God does in fact speak to Abraham about his Abrahamic Covenant promise so they got that part right.

He has received this vision/message.

Abraham goes off to pull his family together first getting Sarah (who should be Sarai) and then Lot and his wife, I’m thinking alright they’re going to pack up and head off just like The Bible actually says- not so much.

Abraham goes on to say that God told him of a land they were to go to.

This is Abraham saying that God had given him a message/vision/mission and now he’s appealing to his family and his wife to join him in making that vision a reality.

How many current “Christian” churches are founded by leaders that have a “vision from God” “message from God” who then bring forth that vision/message to the church body and ask them to join him in making that vision a reality.

Also of note over and over again the narrator throughout TB will say over and over again- especially during transitions between segments/characters things like- “they were looking for a new leader.” “The people of Israel were looking for a new breed of leader.”

In fact I’ll mention this again when I get to the New Testament sections of TB but even in the introduction of Christ the narrator still says something like- “during this time of oppression and turmoil Israel is looking for a new kind of leader.”

There is an unfolding trend here and it can’t really be missed. TB is a string of connected leadership stories and not truly a story about redemption. It’s more man centered than God centered.

We are shown some conflict between Lot’s People and Abraham’s people- and Lot who is like a son to Abraham leaves with his people. This leads to a crisis of confidence for Abraham (Abram).

“How can I lead a people when I can’t even lead my own family?” 

See Abraham as this vision/mission casting leader questions whether he is failing his mission because of this situation.

Do you remember that in the Bible?

Things go alright for a while until it comes to Genesis 22 where Abraham has to sacrifice Isaac.

“After years of struggle Abraham has come to know that to be chosen by God is a blessing and a test. He must prove his faith again and again. “ 

So this is implying that that God is demanding the Abraham prove his faith over and over again and that this is the reason that God is calling him to sacrifice Isaac.

I’m not so sure about that? I felt that in the Bible by this point his faith in God was super strong- and he was certain in what God had called him to do.

Also I’d like to point out that in the Biblical telling of this event in Abraham’s life Abraham and Isaac traveled over 500 miles to get to Mount Moriah. This was a time of solitude and trust and growth for both Abraham and Isaac. NOt to mention that Abraham was confident that both Isaac and himself would return.

“Stay here with the donkey the boy and I will go over there to worship, then we’ll come back to you.”

Moments later he assured his son Isaac that God would provide the sacrifice for them.

In TB on the other hand everything takes place just outside of camp with Abraham and his son not in the least bit sure of what’s going to happen. And Sarah finds that Abraham hasn’t taken a lamb so she runs after him up the hill. The whole thing was not about assurance, and not about faith- but about hoping they were doing things right.

To top it all off in the miniseries God provides a lamb…while in the Bible story it is a Ram.

This gets worse and worse the more I think about it.

The way that TB puts things forward only makes sense if you understand the Theology behind it, and that theology is that Abraham is being looked upon as the first in a series of vision/mission casting leaders. 

The story of TB then chooses to skip the rest of Isaac’s story, all of Jacob’s story and next time we’ll pick up with the story of Moses.

Oh boy.

In Christ,


  1. scoumbes says:

    I agree that the Bible had a lot of issues in it. Although, I do think that it still did more good than probably bad. I know a lot of people who have started going to church because of the series, and I have one friend who even got saved (which I never thought would happen!). I do also have an issue with them making the comment that Abraham had to prove his faith to God. I actually feel that God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son so that all who know the story will better understand the significance of God sacrificing His own son.

    • rossbondreturns says:

      Exactly so.

      God was building Abrahams faith…not asking Abraham to prove his faith over and over again.

      As for more people attending church and people being saved because of the series…I have no doubt that God uses even theologically broken versions of His Word to save souls- since He says that His word will not come back void.

      However a vast many will believe the Jesus of the miniseries who says in response to the question of “What are we going to do; “We’re going to change the world.”

      Over a Christ who came not to change the world but to “Seek and save those which are lost.”

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