The Horrible Theology of the Miniseries The Bible Part One

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Christian Beliefs

Hello readers!

My Apologies. 

My most sincere apologies in fact for my lack of discernment regarding the visually lavish but Theologically bankrupt Miniseries The Bible (TB). 

I consider this a position of teaching and therefore I do take the admonition the Word has to say about the Teacher being held to a higher standard very seriously. Therefore I am coming right out and claiming beyond any doubt that I lacked discernment when I told you to go ahead and watch this miniseries on the History Channel.

A video will be coming online here within the next day or two where I’ll be speaking to the camera and making a few honest mistakes myself as I go over just a few of the Theological issues with TB.

However I’ll address a few of them here and make sure to get all the names right this time.

A Bit of Back ground

I think it’s fair to note, and wholly needed up front to help explain where this horrible Theology comes from at least in part. In an interview with producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey they were asked about who their Theological Advisors were.

The first three names out of their mouths were: Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes!

Discerning Christians will recognize at least two of the three men listed, Rick Warren a Seeker Sensitive Pastor (Purpose Driven Church/Life) Joel Osteen THE Prosperity Gospel mega pastor (Your Best Life Now).

Feel free to look into them for yourself, a good place to start would be Fighting for the Faith!

Suffice it to say that getting any theology from such a group of mega pastors would be dangerous…unless of course you intend to produce a watered down and anemic version of the Scriptures.

Since We Only Have 10 Hours We Have to Streamline Things

One of the first things I’ll note is that they combine Noah and the Ark with the Creation Story, as a screenwriter I understand that- I might very well have done it. However when you do it you loose important things. Like oh the huge impact of the first sin in fact the importance and horror of the first sin is woefully downplayed. I mean God didn’t just create fur coats to cover up Adam and Eve’s nakedness- there had to be a sacrifice in the Garden of Eden. Going from Spiritual life to Spiritual death is an absolutely HUGE thing to leave out of the Bible Narrative.

“Because of this one choice. They came to know good and evil. Since then, since Cain killed Abel God has seen too much evil  in human hearts. Wrong choices! Wrong decisions! That’s why…this…is happening.” Noah from the Bible Miniseries

Let me break that down to make it more spiritually accurate.

“Once they chose to use their wisdom over God’s provision they became Spiritually dead and evil in the sight of God. Since then, since Cain killed Abel God has seen humanity sin, more and more. Sin after unthinkable sin, piling up towards Heaven! This is happening because apart from the 8 of us all the people of the Earth were thinking evil CONTINUALLY!

However the teachings of Seeker Driven and Emergent Churches tend to downplay Sin, actually they much prefer to use the term…wrong choices or wrong decisions.

It’s not that…it’s sin…SIN…SIN!

After the opening bit on the Ark it then shows clips from the entire series…making my job of pointing out certain issues much easier.

Jesus and Peter are in the fishing boat (this is from the 5th and 6th part 3rd episode respectively):

Peter: What are we going to do?

Jesus: Change the world!

I’m sorry…what?

We’re going to what?

Oh dear, this isn’t the Jesus I know and Love and Serve. The one who SLAIN for our SIN before the Foundation of the Earth. This Jesus is one for the social crowd, the Emergent and Seeker folks, a Jesus who is going to bring about change then and now. Rest assured I know that the Jesus in this miniseries is Crucified, buried in the tomb and raised on the third day, as a Christian I know my Bible.

However this show is not designed for Christians it’s designed for those that don’t know the Lord.

So leaving out being born Spiritually dead is a huge problem because it’s a Requirement of the Kingdom of God to be Born Again.

You know there’s just so much more to talk about that I’ll continue this article tomorrow and make it a series.

In Christ,


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