The Bible Miniseries Part 2 Review: From Jericho…to Child Solomon

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Christian Beliefs

Here’s my review of Part two of The Bible and epic Miniseries event on the History Channel (check your local listings).


I’m really not sure where to begin with this review, although I could easily do a blow by review like I did last week easily I think the honest truth is that took a long time. However it worked well so I’m going to do it again with quite a bit less detail this time.

I feel that this episode seemed to have the ability to give the stories more time to breathe, and that the stories because of that seemed to be a lot more powerful than in Part 1. Not knocking Part One at all just to be clear, still a supremely satisfying 4.5 out of 5. However this traversal of the stories of Joshua, Samson, Saul, Jonathan and David and Goliath and beyond was exceptional.

Samson was really a moving account and it was fueled by the performances of the gentle giant playing Samson and the actress playing his mother. There was just something very real there that took me entirely by surprise, and the ending of that segment practically drew me to tears.

Also of note is that I did not expect to feel sorry for Delilah but boy did I ever.

The brilliant acting is fueled with once again some very fine writing, that seemed to be improved in this episode too although I’m pretty certain it’s just that characters had more time to breathe.

The pain on Samuels face and in his voice when the people of Israel asked for a King really hit home. He got it as the prophet of God at the time that God Himself was their King…and to ask God to appoint a king over the people of Israel soured him.

Saul and Jonathan were nailed. Young David was nailed.

I am so glad that they went with a towering imposing actor to play Goliath and didn’t do some strange CGI thing. This 7’3″ actor certainly brought the menace and fear to his part.

The transition to older Saul/David/Jonathan was handled very well too as was Saul’s unraveling. I think the spear scene was very well done and it certainly kept with the spirit of the production.

Saul’s practical abandonment of Israel to chase down David/the scene in the cave/the loss of Jonathan and Saul…all handled very very well.

I must give a special mention to Uriah and the actor behind the character…just WOW was he impactful. And the interplay and brotherly friendship between David and Uriah made the whole Bathsheba incident heart breaking.

The Prophet Nathan was very well done and his kind words from the Lord were very well delivered.

And child Solomon playing with the House of God at the end was a nice upswing of hope leading into the end of the episode.

Overall I’m going to have to rate this episode at 5 out of 5 it really was that good.

Next time we’ll see the Firey Furnace…and the Lion’s Den…and enter into the New Testament!

In Christ,


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