The Thief in The Night: Behind the Scenes and More!

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Breaking News, Christian Beliefs, Films, Outreach, Running the Race, The Bible, The Thief in The Night

Hello folks and thanks for stopping by The Bible Runner Online!

Today is really exciting because I’m going to be sharing with you some of the hard work that went into the filming of the independent Christian film The Thief in The Night (TTiTN)! 

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A Little History

TTiTN began as the Lord put the idea very strongly to my friend and Writer/Director Daniel Medina Jr. around 3 years ago now. He had talked and donated his clothes to  kids who were being helped out by an awesome local  organization called Youth Hope which you can find out more about here: Check out Youth Hope!

He talked to a vast number of kids at Youth Hope about their rough lives and all they’ve been through to survive, these are heartbreaking stories, but they also have hope.

TTiTN is a film designed to bring to light the struggles of living a life similar to the lives lived by some of these kids. About the spiritual warfare that goes on over each and every life, for God wants you to find Salvation through Jesus Christ and the Devil wants to steal kill and destroy.

Now is The Time

Throughout production on TTiTN we as a cast and crew have been under an immense spiritual attack, and yet we have been protected. Everything we’ve done has been under the watchful eyes of God and He protected us through night shoots, long drives and restless nights. We’ve almost come to the end of a long journey, His protection of the data that makes up His film- is enabling us to come close to the finish line.

So two days ago Daniel and I showed a scene of the film to the Men of Courage (MoC) Bible Study group at the Packinghouse in Redlands. They have been praying mightily for the production since I was added to the cast, and have been instrumental behind the scenes and we wanted to show our thanks by sharing something new. You’ll be able to see these wonderful men of God as they experience the scene as the last video in this post.

Yesterday I realized that I had put together some Behind the Scenes Compilations for private viewing, so I tossed the MoC link and 3 others to him. And very early this morning he got back to me and said.

“Those are some RAD BTS vids you can open them to the public.”

So here we GO!

Behind the Scenes

Not only was I acting in TTiTN I also volunteered to take care of extensively capturing the for Daniel and the rest of the cast and crew so it’s possible that you won’t see me in any of these videos. I’m going to post them in the order they were shot and put a brief description under each of them about what we were shooting. If you live in the Inland Empire you might even recognize some of the locations.

On this night we were capturing a number of scenes featuring our main lead character Grace (Age 16 in this scene) as she has an interesting night.

This was a shoot out on Tatooine. One of our very rare day, in this case evening, shoots. I had to as noted in the video back down on the sound a lot because the wind was just very very loud. The video has title cards describing what were filming.

This short video is comprised of clips we shot on this night. Including near a seedy motel and at the back of a bar. As you’ll note we were filming by the seat of our pants at active locations.

Scene Screening for Men of Courage Bible Study

As I said up-post we shared a rough cut of a scene with the MoC Bible Study group and I recorded this video of the viewing and reaction. Daniel and I would like to sincerely thank the guys of the MoC Bible Study for being a continual source of prayer/help/on set catering/encouragement during the entire production.

When I think of all the spiritual warfare that has come upon this film and the cast and crew and your heartfelt encouragement and prayer support- I’m getting teary eyed right now just thinking about it. God bless you guys!

In Conclusion

To our family and friends, to our facebook followers and our Brothers and Sisters and Christ and my readers and subscribers;  I speak on behalf of the entire TTiTN team when I thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. The Devil has tried time and time again to destroy this film, but right now God has the data safely in His hands…and He will return it to us when the time is right.

The Word tells us to “Give thanks when you go through various trials…for they are to build up trust and perseverance.”

Father God.

We have entrusted this film into Your hands. You in fact set out this project for us do do for You. And just like our salvation and perfection which you promise to bring to completion, we know that You will not let Your project remain incomplete. We trust You to enable to completion of this project when the time is right, and we cannot wait to see more people added to the Kingdom of God because of it. Give us the strength and the faith to endure, and continue to grow us all in your grace from Glory to Glory.


Eagerly Awating,





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