Adam and Dog: The First Man and First Dog in the Garden of Eden

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Blessings, Films, Nature Reveals God

This is a wonderful OSCAR NOMINATED film about the first Man and first Dog as they meet and grow a relationship in the Garden of Eden. There’s no dialogue- but it’s wonderful…fantastic even.

Hope you enjoy.

In Christ,


  1. Dustin says:


    This was fantastic. Great post. My hours changed at work temporarily so I haven’t been able to come at night. I hope all is well. Give my best to Paul as well if you can.

    • rossbondreturns says:


      Great to hear from you Brother!

      Paul, Roy, myself and a great many of the brothers in the different mens groups and prayer groups we go to have been lifting you up in prayer. It’s great to know that you’re doing fine. And hopefully your work hours will return to normal.

      I will be seeing Paul tonight at Market Night if you stop by the booth we could have a chat! Of course your work hours might prevent that.

      Just know that you are being lifted up in prayer by the Brethren, that your walk and daily studies would be strengthened, and you will continue to grow in Grace and understanding.

      We hope you’ll be able to eventually come back to the Packinghouse at the same times you used to but remember to give God the Glory for all that he places in your life.

      God Bless,


      • Dustin says:

        I really appreciate the prayers. My hours should return to normal soon so things should return to normal. I’ve been trying to catch the archived services online when I get a chance but its not the same as being there.

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