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To my Adventist friend Brian

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Christian Beliefs

Hello Brian,

I’m writing this post to let you know that I do receive and read all of your replies to my posts and I would love to approve more of them so that we could engage in conversation. However there is a problem with that at the moment, and the problem is that your spelling and leaving out of words makes it both very hard to read and follow your posts and personally it would embarrass me to post them since they would reflect badly on you especially.

If you would like to converse through responding to this or any other thread please improve on your writing in your responses- and I’ll very gladly approve them.

You asked recently why do myself and other Former Adventists take Adventists to task for what they teach. It is simply thus in the book of Jude Christians are asked to “contend for the Faith…”, in other words stand up and make clear what we believe. A key part of this is to point out false teachings and false beliefs- especially by those churches that claim to be Christian.

When a church that claims to be Christian teaches something that cannot be supported by the Word- then it would hardly be fair to call it Christian would it?

Look forward to talking with you further.


P.S. Anyone who has questions on Adventism please feel free to post them in the replies section of this post and I’ll address them one at a time as I have time.