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Hey folks!

Sorry my posting has been so sparse but I’ve been rather busy making The Thief in The Night! That said I also have been making a series of shorts set in the fictional BibleRunner universe- and I’ve finally cranked out a new one for you!

It features the Gospel, Tension, RUNNING- and a new soundtrack!

Check out the latest episode here- I’ll be adding another link on the BibleRunner Webisodes page here in a moment- I hope you enjoy!

To God be the Glory!



Hello folks,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time I’ve just been very very busy working on The Thief in the Night but I had a video I made of an illustration of our standing in Christ and the security of our salvation that I simply had to share.

So fire up the video and collect the needed items and learn a powerful and easy way to visualize and share your position in Christ as a member of the Church His Bride.

To address a comment that I┬áreceived┬ábut was trashed for reasons I’ve discussed elsewhere in comments/e-mails:

This video below is the truth for anyone who has been Born Again. Those in families broken apart by Satan, those who have had to leave home in fear of their lives, those who have come to Christ in prison. Those who are homeless, those who are weak, those who are hungry “…Whosoever believeth in Him”.

Also of note we cannot make ourselves Born Again, it is God who causes us to be Born Again when we accept the gift of Eternal life through His Son.

I hope this video blesses you, to God as always be the Glory.

In Christ, and so much more,