Two Posters for The Thief in The Night

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Breaking News, Christian Beliefs, Films, Outreach, The Bible, The Thief in The Night
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As you may have noticed I haven’t been able to post nearly as often as I’d like to recently and this is because of the accelerated production schedule we’ve been able to enter on the Christian Film The Thief in The Night. Thanks to God’s miraculous provision thanks to the dedicated intercessory prayers of you and the films followers on Facebook The Thief in the Night on Facebook! and on Twitter The Thief in the Night on Twitter!

Tonight I thought I’d share the two latest posters.

The first features an atmospheric shot of Christina Flemming as Grace.

C. Flemming as Grace

Christina Flemming as Grace Widescreen Poster The Thief in The Night


And the second features myself as Apollyon.

Ross Cooper as Apollyon in The Thief in The Night


We can’t wait to show you more in fact the first trailer is being prepared for release and as soon as it’s available I’ll share it with you here. Please continue to keep the production in your prayers, you folks are integral members of The Thief in The Night’s production team.

God Bless,


  1. briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    what the former advents have on thier forum it sounds like a bunch of whinny adolescents that had harsh upbrining or to much eg white if you guys feel the sdas are so bad why bash the sdas just make a clean break and quit whinning about us move on. il grow up if you will ross.

    • rossbondreturns says:

      We’re not whining about SDA’s…we’re overjoyed to be free of the yoke of slavery.

      However we are WARNING Christians against SDA’s and will continue to do so.

      After all the Book of Jude calls us to stand up for the Faith and a great man others call Christians to WARN people about false teachings and incorrect Biblical understanding.

      All that to say, perhaps it is not I who needs to grow up.

      Now I’m going to have to moderate all of these other comments that ou’ve made that have for some reason been approved without my approval.

      • briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

        ross if we have no law we have no standards to live by it is all good and welol to say we should all love one another but what if i love or brother but then kill anouther? The law uis meant to point our errors. So that we can understand gods love for us why would this be voided at the cross after all thier are still sinners that need redemtion

      • rossbondreturns says:

        And Sinners come to redemption through the Blood of the New covenant that Christ spilled on the Cross NOT The Law.

        The Law cannot save it simply condemns us and points us to Salvation through the blood of Christ.

        When we are Born Again…born of God…the Holy Spirit enters and seals us…and God puts the Law of the Spirit in our minds and in our hearts and only because of Christ can we keep even that.

        The Law of the Spirit is far tougher to keep than the Ten Commandments…and we are only able to keep it through Christ.

      • Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

        ross isnt it obvious to you that there would be no need for christ to come if it was possible to keep the ten commaments perfectly when just one unforgiven sin will send you to hell christ sinless life and death proved to luicifer and to others that gods law can be kept by a mortal law with the assistance of the holy spirit and chist promises this same assistance to us if we confess our sins. Ross the law of the spirit seems to me it is easier to keep because the holy spirit helps us to know when we are greving the sprit or sinning. I would think that you would be the first to point out this since you are so hellbent on poting out the ten commanments are part of the”old covenant” Ross please explain this to me?

      • rossbondreturns says:

        No it’s not Brian- Christ didn’t come to vindicate the Law He came to Save Sinners.

        Christ was God in man TOTALLY unlike us. The 10 Commandments cannot be kept by man period.

        I couldn’t keep the 10 Commandments before I was saved and I cannot keep them now that I’m saved.

        Since I’ve been Born of God…sealed and indwelled by the Holy Spirit that Christ’s Righteousness has been IMPUTED to me…and My Sin has been taken by Christ upon the cross.

        It is only because of Christ’s Imputed Righteousness that I am saved. Even though I could keep neither the Old Covenant Law (Ten Commandments) ot the Law of the Spirit.

        Jeremiah 31:31-34

        31 “Look, the days are coming”—this is the Lord’s declaration—“when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah. 32 This one will not be like the covenant I made with their ancestors when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt—a covenant they broke even though I had married them” —the Lord’s declaration. 33 “Instead, this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days”—the Lord’s declaration. “I will put My teaching within them and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be My people. 34 No longer will one teach his neighbor or his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for they will all know Me, from the least to the greatest of them”—this is the Lord’s declaration. “For I will forgive their wrongdoing and never again remember their sin.

        3 Major points:

        New Covenant not the Old Covenant.
        New Covenant written in Believers heart not tablets of stone.
        New Covenant wrongdoings forgiven/sin remembered no more- Old Covenant sins covered over and over again.

        And again in Hebrews 8:

        A Superior Covenant

        7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no occasion for a second one. 8 But finding fault with His people,[c] He says:[d]

        Look, the days are coming, says the Lord,
        when I will make a new covenant
        with the house of Israel
        and with the house of Judah—
        9 not like the covenant
        that I made with their ancestors
        on the day I took them by their hands
        to lead them out of the land of Egypt.
        I disregarded them, says the Lord,
        because they did not continue in My covenant.

        10 But this is the covenant
        that I will make
        with the house of Israel
        after those days, says the Lord:
        I will put My laws into their minds
        and write them on their hearts.
        I will be their God,
        and they will be My people.
        11 And each person will not teach his fellow citizen,[e]
        and each his brother, saying, “Know the Lord,”
        because they will all know Me,
        from the least to the greatest of them.
        12 For I will be merciful to their wrongdoing,
        and I will never again remember their sins.[f] [g]
        13 By saying, a new covenant, He has declared that the first is old. And what is old and aging is about to disappear.

        Old Covenant Flawed- New Covenant Perfected.
        Old Covenant…old (about to pass away back then)- New Covenant New and eternal since it’s based on and Eternal Sacrifice- and an Eternal High Priest.

      • briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

        I know that you feel you are doing the right thing and I dont doubt your conviction but hacve you looked at the seven things that God hates in Proverbs 6:19 one of them is sowing dsiicord amoung the brehthern, so when you go on youtube and do your little rants on why the invesigative jugement is not biblical etc. do you really think you are doing Gods will? After all the Bible says the wheat and the tares will lie together until the harvest comes. having any part of an orgnazation that does this really puts into question your true motives. Now I am not saying I am perfect. I am just trying to understand your moyivation for this website and some of the statements you have made aganist Adventisim.

      • rossbondreturns says:


        God stands behind each youtube video I post. How do I know this? Because it is God the Holy Spirit that gives me the words to say in these videos. It is God who speaks through me in these videos. The Book of Jude calls us to contend for the faith- these videos and my UndercoverAdventist blog are ways I contend for the faith. The motivation is to share the truth and to reveal the falsehood- which is once again what God calls on Christians to do.


  2. rossbondreturns says:


  3. rossbondreturns says:

    That’s not what Paul is saying at all- nor does it have an connection to an Investigative Judgment which is not taught anywhere in the Bible.

    • briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

      ross what about rev 21 11 this appears to be a judgement or do you think is not literal?

      • rossbondreturns says:

        You mean Revelation 20:11.

        This is the literal final judgment of the dead commonly known as the Great White Throne Judgment. It is a judgment of the dead only- those who died not knowing Christ in a salvational manner. This judgment has nothing to do with Christians. Christians have already at this point taken part in the Judgment of Rewards (Bema Seat of Christ) in Heaven long prior to this final judgment of the dead/wicked.

      • briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

        ross what is the book of life dosent that suggest God keeps some kind of record?

      • rossbondreturns says:

        Of course Brian.

        The Book of life simply records those who are his Children…it doesn’t keep track of anything else.

  4. rossbondreturns says:

    The correct Phrase is The Law and the Prophets (The Old Testament)

    What Christ is saying here is that He came to fulfill everything spoken about Him in the Law and the Prophets.

    • briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

      till heaven and earth pass away not one jot nor title ross does it make sense that God would cmmand us to keep all ten commaments and then all of a sudden omit the 4th commanment which by the way was kept by paul and the early church until pagan practices came into the church.

      • rossbondreturns says:

        Remember Brian Christ came to fulfill all that was said about Him in the Old Testament. The Law and The Prophets means the entire Old Testament. The Law doesn’t grant or prove or assure or anything else us. In fact the Law was brought to condemn us and to show how incapable we were to keep even the most simple of things. The Law was there to point us to Christ, we gain Salvation through the Blood of the New Covenant- and the Lord is our High Priest in Heaven. Did ou know that when there is a new High Priest there is of necessity a change in the law as well.

        The Law of the Spirit is far more in depth and impossible to keep than the Ten Commandments…yet we are saved…all Christians are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Seal of God. And as a Christian God the Father sees me as if i’m wearing the Son.

        Since I am under the New Covenant I can hardly be under the Law (Ten Commandments) of the Old Covenant.

      • briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

        Ross you know as well as I do that the cermonial law that set the isralites apart from the other people was what was done away with at the cross. If we where not to keep the commanments why didnt Christ disreguard the ten commanments during his ministry? Christ rerinforces the law in the beatitudes he dosent reduce it importance. An example of this is if your eye causes you to sin gouge it out. Yes I know that this is pointing toward the time the Holy Spirit will guide us to rightougness. I dont see how christ death in any way takes away the need for the ten commanments if anything the beatuides and christ ministry highlights the importance of the commanments in our lives. Ross i see you seem to be stuck on an indewlling of the Holy Spirit. But how will you know what sins to ask for forgivness when you are baptized? It is all good and well to say the Holy Spirit will guide you to rightougness but I think you know as well as I do that God has to have have some objective way to establish we are truly converted and changed from
        the way we where before we where saved. After all in Isaiah Satan says that Gods law is not fair and cant be kept. I guess you still believe the Old Testament is still to used? In 2 Timothy3:16 it states that all scritpure is “God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking,correcting and trainning in rightougness”. So that the man of God will be equiped for every good work. further more paul says in Galatains that he will show evidence of faith through his good works. I kow you will probably come back with Christ gave us the “Royal Law” that states we are to love our neibhor as ourselves and this is set out in the beatuides. I ask you how a person that has no background in Chrstanity finds out what a follower of christ is to do to be saved..They have to have to see that they are sinful and in need of a reedemer and if their is a more concise set of insructions then the ten commanments you should enlighten me ross. I really dont see how Christ death on the cross abbrogates the fouth or any other commament, If anything all the commaments should help Us see why it is so important that we ask for forgivness every day and that the Holy spirit is there to convict us of right and wrong. The basis for that conviction is in all the Holy Scriptures but is is found and stated very clearly in the Ten Commaments. Which by the way is the basis of modern civil law in many countries. If the fourth commament is so troublesome to you ross then i guess go ahead and dont keep it. But thier is no direct evidence that the apostles didnt keep the Sabbath day holy. Thier isnt any real evidence until th 5th century that the day of the sun or sunday was being kept by the church. So I guess what i am say is that if you really dont think adventist doctorine is sound why dont you just start worshiping on thursday that would at least be original as it is now ross you are are worshiping on a day of pagan wordhip the day of the sun. I know that my gramar is not wonderful but since you get the gist of what i am saying i will leave it as is.

        Peace Brother Ross

      • brian says:

        Ross i just thouth of anouther reason that the 4th commanment is still in effect does it make sense that God would take aside a day he set apart at creation and then codified in the ten commandments and replace it with a pagan worship day of the sun or sunday, after all the Sabbath day points toward a perfect creation without sin.Is sunday any more them just anouther day that when you get down to it is mothing more then a pagan worship day. I think that this is only comon sense Ross

      • rossbondreturns says:

        You do realize of course that Satur-day…is a heathen day of worshiping Saturn.

        Aside from that Brian, the Sabbath was meant as a sign to ISRAEL…not to gentiles.

      • rossbondreturns says:


        It is important that you understand that the Bible doesn’t teach that the Holy Spirit guides us.

        It teaches us the God The Holy Spirit Indwells us- He seals us for Heaven.

        And He the moment we’re Born again remembers our sins no more.

        At that time he places the Law of the Spirit- (For when there is a new high priest there has to be a NEW Law)- within our hearts and minds.

        Under the New Covenant we are called to live up to an even more impossible standard than with the Old Covenant…however it is Christ who fulfills both Old and New Covenants and it is through Him that we are seen as Righteous by the Father.

        Therefore all the tribal person in the deepest jungle has to do to be saved is to be drawn by God to Hims Son…and call on the name of Christ to be saved- this happens all the time.

        Then they are ushered into the New Covenant…and God the Holy Spirit Indwells them too.

      • Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

        ross it is very difficult for the native to call on the name of Jesus if he has never heard of jesus thus the gospel commision im Matthew to spread the gospel to all nations and it follows that is why christ reyurn has been delayd for so long but this really dosent change the fact that the law is needed to point out our shortcomings and is a baseline in chrisanity so we can get along with others in our society so even though as you state we have an indwelling of the holy spirit it is still possible to be lost after we invite chist into our life and by ingnoring the”voice”of the sprit if we continue in sin and igmore the spirits leading. Only we know if we are ignorning the leading of the sprits leading. I agree weare only accountable foe what we know so some that are following the spirits leading are only accountable for what they know about the scriptures instructions on how we are to conduct our lives. By the way if what you call the old covenat the ten commanments? why is the new covanet as you call it harder to keep if it only requries an acceptance of christ death on the cross. comon sense tells me that being under the law which is impossible to keep without the guidance of the holy spirit to show us while we are sinners in need of forginess but we are covered by chrits death on the cross the law is still neded to constantly remind us of why christ had to die and that gods law is fair.

      • rossbondreturns says:

        Brian it is not difficult for the native to call on the name of Jesus to be saved…when it is GOD who calls ALL SINNERS to repentance through the Son. God draws everyone to Himself through the Son regardless of where they are.

        Christ’s coming has not been delayed, it will happen exactly on time, to claim that humans can for one moment cause Christ’s calling of His Bride to Himself is laughable.

        I agree the Law is designed only to point us to Salvation through the Blood of the New Covenant- Christ’s death and resurrection.

        Brian if you were Born Again- and we had the Same Spirit indwelling us- we would not be having these problems reconciling our beliefs you and i would be in agreement.

        That said once a person is Sealed and Indwelt by the Holy Spirit that person cannot be lost. God doesn’t unseal what He has sealed that is not in scripture anywhere.

        Let’s see the Law of the Spirit is much tougher and more strict than the Ten Commandments.

        10 Commandments: Thou shall not commit adultery. (An act).
        Law of the Spirit: Even thinking of a person with lust in your heart IS adultery. (In other words the thought of even lust not even the act of adultery is adultery!).

        Far tougher…and just like the Old Covenant unkeepable yet to an even greater degree yet Christs righteousness is imputed to us- and he took our sins upon Himself upon the cross.

        And finally Brian the Law is only needed to draw us into Salvation. To draw people to Salvation.

        It is not for people under the New Covenant…there is no logic in placing the person in a New Covenant relationship with God under the old Law of Sin and Death.

  5. hacker. says:


    • rossbondreturns says:

      I never said in any of my responses that anyone was hacking this website.

      What I did say is that somehow comments are being posted without me approving them.

      That sort of thing is very frustrating.


  6. briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    ross ross who do you consider you boss?

    • rossbondreturns says:

      God Brian- God is my boss.

      Has God indwelt and sealed you?

      If He had I doubt there would be any question over who is my boss.


  7. briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    this is probably a waste of my time and maybe yours as well. You probably are using this a ammo aganist those crazy adventist but Ross I think you see some truth in what i am saying about you causing dissention amoung Gods people the dsicontent with Gods law is what got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven. Just something to think about..

    Peace and may tgods spirit be with you

    • rossbondreturns says:

      Brian God’s Law didn’t exist in Heaven. It was given for the first time ever…written down for the first time ever for Moses and the Israelites and them alone. Discontent with God’s Law is not what got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven, what got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven was the sin of Pride/Self Sufficiency. Lucifer wanted to become his own god- he caused Eve and Adam to want that as well…and now each of is born spiritually aligned to the Father of lies…yet we are in the position of being our own god. Choosing what’s right and wrong et cetera. However we cannot save ourselves, we have to return to a right relationship with God through the sacrifice of the Son. When we are Reborn of God from Heaven we are Spiritually reborn, aligned again like Adam and Eve were before the Fall. God wants us to return to Him and experience a Garden of Eden relationship- and only by being Born Again can you see the total fulfillment of that relationship- eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.


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