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As you may have noticed I haven’t been able to post nearly as often as I’d like to recently and this is because of the accelerated production schedule we’ve been able to enter on the Christian FilmĀ The Thief in The Night. Thanks to God’s miraculous provision thanks to the dedicated intercessory prayers of you and the films followers on Facebook The Thief in the Night on Facebook! and on Twitter The Thief in the Night on Twitter!

Tonight I thought I’d share the two latest posters.

The first features an atmospheric shot of Christina Flemming as Grace.

C. Flemming as Grace

Christina Flemming as Grace Widescreen Poster The Thief in The Night


And the second features myself as Apollyon.

Ross Cooper as Apollyon in The Thief in The Night


We can’t wait to show you more in fact the first trailer is being prepared for release and as soon as it’s available I’ll share it with you here. Please continue to keep the production in your prayers, you folks are integral members of The Thief in The Night’s production team.

God Bless,



Miles Teves has worked on many films as a storyboard/concept artist amongst other things on a vast multitude of productions in the movie making business. I was looking through his site at some of his work and found that he had done some storyboarding for The Passion of The Christ!

A Nail being driven into the Hand of Jesus Christ

To see the remainder of The Passion of The Christ storyboards please visit Miles Teves’s Website at:The Full Set of The Passion of The Christ Storyboards

Such powerful imagery!

How amazing what Christ did for us on that cross!

In Christ,