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Today I uploaded Episode 7 of the BibleRunner Webseries view it here:

Wear Headphones…as I edited it with headphones on. You can also find it through the menu system through The BibleRunner Webisodes Link.

Also, since I’ve got a bit of time on my hands to catch my breath before filming continues on The Thief In The Night I updated the Production Diary which now includes Day…erm…Night of shooting!

TTiTN Production Diary- Now with night Two!

I’ll try and get the next part of the Inductive Bible Study of John up soon!

In Christ,



I have started a Production Diary that will take those who are interested behind the scenes of The Thief In The Night!

So if you’d like to follow the production from my perspective than check out this link: The Thief In The Night Production Diary

Or simply click on the link of the same name on either the upper or side blog menu systems.

Hope you enjoy and God Bless!


My friend writer/director Daniel Medina asked me to become part of the cast for The Thief in The Night (TTiTN) around last October and it has been a long struggle to get the film out of pre-production and into Production. The main problem was with casting which is difficult on a good day and sometimes things just happen that are unexpected- such as people having to drop out for totally legitimate reasons. Such is film making.

Daniel had begged me not to cut my hair before production this was in December, I agreed and it was growing strong until three days ago.

Recently casting calls went out to local college campuses and the final parts on the cast were filled.

Well to cut a long story short we’re starting to film tomorrow and in this post I’m including two Behind the Scenes pictures of myself before and after my transformation into my final look.

Check them out after the break!