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I’m not able to participate in Market Night (Thursday Night downtown in Redlands California) as much anymore seeing as the Lord called me to participate in a Bible Study group that meets on Thursday nights- but I still take the time to help when I can. Last night was one of those nights I had a very enjoyable time sharing God’s Grace with those who came by the booth.

On the Aeropagus banner across the top of the booth are the words Origins-Meaning-Purpose-Destiny, I’ve found that sharing using those four words as a basis to be quite helpful. Discussing these four words objectively can help make sharing your faith a lot easier than it sometimes seems, and let’s be honest sharing ones faith can be very intimidating.

After the break I’ll take each word and break it down into a way to open the way of communication, hopefully you’ll find this post helpful and it will enable you to feel more confident in sharing your faith!


So what do you happened back then?

Do you think the origins of life were special or simply random chance?

If origins were special that has huge implications about not just life but especially you.

If origins were by chance there seems to be an awful lot of chance involved?

How much chance must there be in the origins of anything before believing in chance seems silly?

If origins were by chance, pure randomness, what does that say about you?

Does it seem logical that something that evolved from chance randomness over billions of years could create rational thought that suggests a random process that occurs over billions of years?

Does it seem like it takes more faith to believe in randomness creating all you see or an entity that has always existed created all that we see including ourselves?

Do you think that people created evolution to do away with God?

Is randmoness in origins an excuse to call ones-self God?


There is no meaning in life if you truly believe that you are the result of random processes.

Sure you will live things of meaning to family and friends but how long will they remember what you did, said, or proposed after you return to nothingness?

Isn’t the essence of random chance implying this as existence: random things from nothing create something, over billions of years humans evolves from this randomness, you are an entity that somehow exists out of this random nothingness. Since you are random, a collection of nothing that happens to be human your life is just what you accomplish- and then you die and return to nothing.

In the Bible it says that God knitted and formed us in our mother’s womb- that shows an immense dedication and love- not only that but it gives us meaning.

When we know and realize that we are a special creation, that we were formed in the womb by God, it enables us to begin to understand that our lives have meaning in God’s eyes.

We were designed not simply a random creation made up of random chance and nothing but in fact ARE the crowning achievement of the creation work of GOD.

Our meaning is that we are to look and seek out our Creator because He’s cared about us since inception. We are to Ask of Him…Seek for Him…and Knock off all conceivable avenues to find out more about Him- especially the Bible.


Does it make sense that something that is randomly built from chance wouldn’t really have a true purpose?

Wouldn’t you agree that a great many people seem to go “do stuff” with no discernable plan or purpose?

There seems to be a distinct lack of direction for a great many of the H.S. and College age youth- they cannot seem to settle on a purpose.

Perhaps this lack of purpose is indicative of the mindset of a people who have accepted evolution over creation?

Since there is a special creation we do have a purpose and it up to us to fulfill that purpose.

The first step in fulfilling that purpose is to seek out God. (Many people feel an emptiness and try and fill it with anything but God).

God asks us to look into Him and investigate Him. (“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”)

Our purpose when we investigate God is to make a choice based on that investigation. Either we’ll believe in what we’ve discovered about God or we won’t. It is OUR choice we have FREE WILL to choose. (We in fact have free will to choose to even investigate God or not).

When we believe in God, and admit our need for the Salvation provided by the Cross- we enter our destiny and fulfill our meaning.

Our meaning is to Bring Glory and Honor to God!


I come into existence- I live- I die.

I’m random and my destiny is to live and then cease to exist.

There is no life after death. My destiny is to be forgotten.

Destiny is nothing.

In truth destiny is actually eternal.

At the end of your life, you will have to account for all of your actions.

Did you seek God out or not? Did you live like your purpose was to seek out God or to have a good time with the time you’d be here to experience? Did you believe in Special Creation or randomness in nothing by chance forming something? Did you wake up to the hard truth that you’re a sinner and that the only way to truly live is through Jesus Christ who died on the Cross of Calvary to take away your sins?

You will either enter into Eternal Life the moment you believe in Christ as your Lord and Savior or you will in the end face eternal Torment and Separation from God in Hell and finally in the Lake of fire.

God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, He simply validates a choice that they’ve made by their lives actions.

It truly is your choice.

For the believer, your destiny is eternity, being at the side of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ FOREVER!

The moment of belief you are Indwelt and Sealed by God the Holy Spirit- once you are sealed God does not unseal.

He is with you and in you, your body is the Temple of The Holy Spirit.

You HAVE Eternal Life the moment you believe!

You are guaranteed your Destiny!

You are “transferred from the Domain of Darkness to the Kingdom of the Son He loves.” Colossians Chapter 1.

In Conclusion

The above lines, questions, and statements are all there to kickstart your own thought processes so you can witness using the Origins- Meaning-Purpose-Destiny word set. I’ve found such a freedom in the options allowed with using this set of words, but remember that the first and most important part of any witness begins with being studiousness in reading the Word; and praying that the Lord would place your paths on intersect with the people He wants you to share the Gospel with.

To God be the Glory!


  1. Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

    what isnt logical is why if we originated from God and Christ says If you love me keep my commandmaents. Why you can throw out one commandment and keep all the rest?

    • rossbondreturns says:

      Ahhh Brian,

      You always seem to ignore what I keep on pointing out to you…the word commandments is not referring to the Law (Nomos) but to His (Christ’s) teachings (Entole) . Also why would I, being a gentile, be under a Law SPECIFICALLY (and noted often) ONLY given to the Israelite nation?

      19 He declares His word to Jacob,
      His statutes and judgments to Israel.

      20 He has not done this for any nation;
      they do not know His judgments.
      Hallelujah! Psalm 147:19-20

      The part I bolded about “His statutes and judgments to Israel” is referring back to Deuteronomy 33:2-4 which talks about when God gave the Law to ISRAEL. Malachi 4:4 is also referenced by this section of scripture. That verse says the following:

      4 “Remember the law of my servant Moses, the statutes and rules that I commanded him at Horeb for all Israel.

      Who is the Law for…All Israel, the Law was given 430 years after Abraham and no part of the Law existed before then. Adam and Eve were not Israelites, so even if the Law had existed it would not have applied to them since it only was for the Nation of Israel.

      I keep the Sabbath Bill, by Resting in Christ the Lord of the Sabbath as my Savior and King I have entered into the true Sabbath Rest. Which is the Rest of God.

      Let me ask you this Bill as a church sign near me says: “God wants full rights not just weekend visits.”

      The reality is that Jesus doesn’t want us to live with Him and relate to Him through a set of rules, He doesn’t even want the Jews to do that, the Law was never meant to be kept it is unkeepable. The Law is there to point us to the Cross, and Christ, the only one who ever perfectly kept the Law- the only one who ever could. Yet Jesus asks not for our keeping of the Law, but our entering into a relationship with Him.

      Jesus, and therefore God, is not pleased with humans only giving Him one day a week of worship. He is especially upset when we claim to be keeping a commandment when we are not- especially when they weren’t given to us to keep in the first place.

      No Jesus, and therefore God, want us to be in a saving relationship and not only that they want every day to be just as devoted to the Lord as each other day. Every day is alike to the Christian, to the Christian Today should be just as set aside for God as Tomorrow will be and yesterday should have been.

      In Christ,


      • Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

        Yo Ross, check christ statment about the law bud, according to Jesus all the law and the prophets are given under the over covering of love. Love to God supreme and love to fellow man as second, on this basic is all the law given, so which one is done away with.

        the old covenant law is done away with presenting chirst, but if the Ten commandment are done away with then we do not have to love anyone or god either.

      • rossbondreturns says:

        Really Brian?

        Really if we do away with the Law then we do not have to Love God or humanity either?

        Those are the Commands that we must keep…those are the Greatest Commands.

        “To love the Lord your God with all your heart, and soul, and mind…and to love your neighbors as yourself.”

        These are the commands of God we ARE to follow as Christians- after we are past the tutor that would lead us to Christ- we are to keep these commands.

        It is only after we find our eternal rest in Christ Jesus that we can even begin to keep Jesus Commands.

        “To love the Lord your God with all your heart, and soul, and mind…and to love your neighbors as yourself.”

        While under the Law I cannot fulfill either of these two commands the way that they need to be fulfilled.

        The Law bring us to Christ, Christ Fulfilled the Law, He lived under the Law and lived a Perfect life to Redeem us FROM the Law.

        The Believer is under the Law of the Spirit…since He/She is a New Creation…a new creation cannot be under a Law that no longer applies to it.

        In Christ,


  2. Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

    you try to make every thing so rational instead of letting scriture interpet scripture
    Just know people PRAYINGFOR YOU.

    Your brother in Christ

    • rossbondreturns says:


      Everything is logical since I DO let scripture interpret scripture!

      God the Holy Spirit makes the word clear once you stop looking at the word through preconceived notions and the writings of false prophets. Once you simply let God reveal the truths of the Word to you and worship in Spirit and in truth, then you will find that the Bible is very easy to understand, yet always reveal clearer information the deeper you relationship is with God.

      In Christ,


  3. Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

    the factt is a lot of our civil laws such as murder and and not bearing false witness are based on mosaic law. so saying rules are not important begs the question what type of society do you want to live in if you are advocating hrist wants to rlate to us through a relatioship not rules. Should I go out their and get married and tell my wife I love her and then go and sleepm around or call myself a christain and lie or cheat other christains? This once saved always saved stuff just dosent watch. do you Believe in a final Jugement; How you live does matter.

    • rossbondreturns says:


      I’m responding to this because it’s important but next time I’d appreciate it if you’d check for spelling and such it would look more professional.

      Christ does want a Relationship with us and not rules. However we do have the Law of the Spirit written on our hearts and minds. This is NOT the same as the Ten Commandments since we once in Christ are no longer under the Old Testament Law.

      There are three places that you can be in your understanding about what Christ wants:

      Legalistic: Must follow the Ten Commandments. Must prove ourselves to God. Must prove we deserve to be saved. (And fail miserably on all counts).
      Under Grace: The Law of the Spirit is in our hearts and minds. Are Saved though we didn’t deserve to be. Realize there’s no way that we deserve Salvation let alone prove it. Because we’re saved b Grace through Faith we naturall are inclined to act and do as He would have us act and do.
      Libertarian:Since I am free of the Law I can sin all I want to…so I will. I’ll do this, and that and the other thing. (This is treating God’s Grace like a dishrag.)

      I am not a Legalist because I realized that Legalism does not save us but only puts us in a different form of slavery.
      I am not a Libertarian because to do so would be to trample all over God’s Grace.
      I am Under Grace. Since that’s how I was saved that’s how I live my new life in Christ. By living in a pleasing relationship with Him.

      Brian, I love these conversations, but would it be too much to ask for you to remain on the topic of the post or to simply send me these questions in e-mail if they aren’t related to the posts? Please e-mail me at

      In Christ,


  4. Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

    whule I find these discussions interesting we obviously hav arrives at diffferent conclusions on reading some of the same scriptures and I just hope and pray that will meet each other in etenity,butI think any further dialouge probably is a waste of time. So tink I will just leave it at that/

    God Blless,

    • rossbondreturns says:


      The Spirit of Adventism is not the same as the Spirit of Truth.

      The Holy Spirit when it comes to Live in you is the Spirit of Truth that leads you to all truth.

      I thought I was in God’s will as an Adventist but I did not have the Spirit of Truth…but once I gave my life to the Lord only then did the True Spirit of Truth enter and seal me.

      We will not come to the same conclusion on things because we are not of the same Spirit.

      Praying you will come into the Truth and be reborn of the Spirit, they we can understand the Word in the same way and it will transform your life and understanding.

      In Christ,


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