A Homeless Man Looks at Psalm 23

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, Nature Reveals God, Outreach, Poetry, The Bible, Writing
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I thought it high time that I finally share some more of my poetry on here on the BibleRunner and I can think of no better reason to write my first poetry post, in a long time, then about Psalm 23.

I wrote this verse on Psalm 23 for a book that my Mum is putting together, since we are working on a different edit of the verse for that publication, one that I feel differs significantly from the original you are about to see I have chosen to post the original here. The story behind this verse is that I was asked to write the 23rd Psalm from the perspective of my time being homeless and living on the street by Grace through Faith.  (Technically I am still homeless in that I am living with a Brother in Christ in his place by his grace).

So last week I sat down to finally take a good long look at the 6 verses of the 23rd Psalm to break it down, and I wrote the first of many drafts. Yesterday God brought me back to it again with the unconventional, and daunting proposal, of writing it more as a traditional Psalm than a poem.  I’m humbled to share that psalm/poem with you today.

I’ve numbered the verses of my poem so that you can tell where each verse of the original Psalm is broken down. I hope you find peace as I share with you: When I’m Walking the Streets.

When I’m Walking the Streets (Psalm 23)

1) Since the Lord is My Shepherd I rest in His Grace,

He gives me His peace as I go place to place.

2) As I walk through this life where none seem to care,

He leads me to pastures and His love blossoms there.

Through His love and His peace I enter my dreams,

Where the truth of His word washes like peaceful streams.

3) Through His sleep and His peace I wake up at length,

And by the food of His Word I regain all my strength.

4) When I walk thru the ‘hood I know You are in me,

In the darkest night You are there for all to see.

I am guided in all my steps by the Word of life,

Through answered prayer I’m given peace from strife.

5) Everyday You provide mercies afresh from the windows of Heaven,

All those who trouble me, and despise You see the blessings I’m given.

Morning by Morning You douse me afresh with Your Spirit,

Even in my fleshly wants You have provided all that really matters.

Eternal life in You.

6) Your most faithful love endlessly pursues me,

It chases me down until I can see.

All of my days are nothing without You.

Lord Your pursuit was worth every moment,

You are my shelter and my refuge.

Not a moment was lost, not a second wasted each day,

For I have been chastened, and You have provided the way.

I will rest in your Grace, and live as a Captive of your Presence.


Ross Cooper Nov. 2, 2011.

In Christ.

  1. Hi Ross, I am doing a service on 23rd Psalm in a Mens Hostel in Belfast
    Hope you don’t mind if I use your words they are very powerful.



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  3. […] A Homeless Man Looks at Psalm 23 (thebiblerunner.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] A Homeless Man Looks at Psalm 23 (thebiblerunner.wordpress.com) […]

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