The Christian Church is Celebrating the KJV…what is the Adventist Church Celebrating and Dedicating?

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Celebrating 400 years of the KJV

This year the Christian Church is celebrating 400 years of the King James Version of the Holy Bible, the first bible that truly made it possible for all people to be able to read the Word of God for themselves. Many people still use the KJV in their studies, it is preached from, read from, and held in hands of many who go to church on Sunday (and Saturday). If it wasn’t for the KJV version of the Bible it is questionable whether we would now have even more accurate and arguably clearer version of the Bible like the HCSB and ESV available to us today.

There is no greater book in Christianity to be celebrating than the Bible. Period.

The Bible is the only way to find out all the truth about everything you need to know for a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Period.

Nothing needs to be added to this revelation in fact the Bible says that Jesus himself was the last messenger that God was sending to man. Jesus testimony held all the pieces needed, the Apostles built upon those teachings as they were led by the Holy Spirit, the entirety of the Bible is ALL the information needed…period.


The Adventists are celebrating The Great Controversy (TGC)!

However one group that claims and clings doggedly to Christianity would like to share with the world their celebration of another book entirely. One that was “written” by Ellen G. White, and has brought the Adventist Jesus and the story of eternity from her “visions” to reality to tell the story of the Great Controversy between Good and Evil, God and Satan.

The Great Controversy or as they’ve titled it in this re-release The Great Hope.

Do not be confused the Adventist church does not hold to traditional Christian beliefs. (See links at the bottom of this post). They see things through their own worldview, the Great Controversy worldview, which is very different from traditional Christianity.

Comparing the Great Controversy Worldview and Christian World View.

October 10 2011, Adventists Dedicate the Great Controversy Project

This dedication ceremony is here below on youtube and hopefully it will be eye opening to not only m Christian Brothers and Sisters but also my Adventist friends. After the video I’ll share some things I noted that greatly concern me but at the same time don’t take me by surprise at all and make some general comments on the video.

The presenter is certainly enthused at the beginning but the congregation takes some time to warm up.

The General Conference is the worldwide headquarters for the Adventist Church.

This story is very typical of a Adventist object lesson-  “We’ve got to quiet this man down…” Yes by all means quench the Holy Spirit. Of course the story really goes nowhere…except that this preacher wants to say he’s excited about what God has done, can ou say praise the Lord? This is typical of exhortation in Adventist meetings in that it seems like Adventist speakers want to bring out the Amens and Hallelujah’s but the Amens that are coming back are hollow- we generally just wanted the speaker to get on with it.

My question is are these wonderful initiatives really given by God…or by the Adventist God?

Now we get the traditional long list of people who come up to the stage and stand behind the speaker, they’ll deny this left and right but they truly are simply bringing glory to themselves.

…revival ministry, conference and Bible ministry, special blended ministry…urban evangelism ministry…Ellen G. White Estate…

This special quotation from The Great Controversy/Hope will be quoted for your ease of study later.

…general co-ordinator…Tell The World Initiative… and on and on…this is a dedication right?

So here comes the quote…but you’ll notice time and time again that not only the present but others have trouble remembering the NEW NAME that they’ve given to The Great Controversy that is The Great Hope.

My honest question is why hope as the last word…why not assurance…oh right because Adventism is Grace plus Works, and Grace Plus Sabbath, and because of its distinct beliefs like the Investigative Judgment there can be no assurance.

While Jesus said on the cross… “It is finished!” Adventists add an asterix that might as well say…God…since Jesus is God…didn’t really mean that.

Here’s Jim quoting from The Great Controversy   Hope.

“The Great Controversy is ended. Sin and sinners are no more. The entire universe is clean. One pulse of harmony and gladness beats throughout the vast creation. From Him who created all flow light and life and gladness throughout the realms of unlimitable space. From the minutest atom to the greatest world all things animate and inanimate in their unshadowed beauty and perfect joy declare that God is love.”

Well Sin and sinners are certainly in the Lake of Fire, but that’s something that never comes to mind in all of Heaven.

As a former Adventist it doesn’t shock me that TGC is getting a title change, it’s had multiple title changes already Cosmic Conflict, The Final Days are just two of the other titles I can remember off the top of my head- the fact is that Adventism hides itself with new book titles for old books…or covering up their locations of seminars (especially) about the end times- to try and sucker in people who aren’t grounded in their beliefs and even some who are. This title change then to The Great Hope is just par for the course.

After Jim comes Ted N.C. Wilson the Worldwide President of the SDA Church.

Time is pretty sure he knows where he’s going at the end of things and he might…but he might just as easily be one who Christ says these words to- “…I never knew you.”

“The Great Controversy begins with the words God is Love and ends by declaring God is love.”

“….why are we involved in giving out the Great Controversy, even the name The Great Controversy sounds controversial…”

That’s because it is, and the so called truth in it is no laughing matter, so making a flippant joke about the controversy is degrading, and in very poor taste. The so called truth in this book will lead people to a false understanding of a great many things if they are not firmly grounded in the Word, so this is far, FAR from a laughing matter.

Well Ted you did do something more politically correct, you changed the title of the book to The Great Hope.

“…we need to work as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves…”

Well one out of two isn’t bad…oh wait…it’s the serpent part they got right.

“…as Ellen White indicated…”

What about as Jesus Christ said?

“…this book is to be circulated (that’s right) circulated that’s the word used circulated-”

Hmmm in the Bible it says that we will preach The Gospel…or dare I say circulate the Gospel…until the Lord Comes.

“…more than any other book.”

Good luck with that the Bible will always hold that record. Oh wait just a moment, are you holding TGC/TGH up to be more important than the Bible? I think you are.

He goes on an on about things like not tossing around copies of TGC/TGH and leaving them wherever they land.  But to give it to a friend…a neighbor…a work associate, I’d argue to me as a former Adventist too.

Wait use TGC/TGH book to share the message God is love? That’s exactly the message of the Bible!

He states that the Lord inspired Ellen White.

To which I must say inspired her to what, Copy, Plagiarize, steal from the work of others?

“…an incredible progression of the growth of the Christian church…”


Is he calling the original Christian church an insignificant group that would die out? They’re all alive and well! I’m part of their church…of God’s Bride!

Another title for TGC/TGH/Cosmic Conflict this time it’s The Triumph of Gods Love.

“…through 2012 to 2013 to distribute the Great Controversy in all of its variations and formats, whether it’s the childrens’…”

Please please stay vary far away from this book, especially for the children.

“…the new one that the Ellen G. White Estate has just recently authorized…”

Oh boy…I wonder how it’s changed this time!


We’ve got one for every taste! (Beware they’re all poisonous.)

“…to circulate upwards of 150 to 160 million…”

That’s a lot guys…but still nowhere near The BIBLE!

“We could go on and on and on about how God has led in this area…”

Are you sure it’s God Ted, because if not a LOT of people have been lead down the wrong path through Adventism.

He’s thrilled how Adventists around the world have rallied to this project. He goes on about how in different parts of the world you have to contextualize it to local understanding (Which is true)…however when you contextualize falsehood it’s still falsehood.

Are you sure those souls were won for Christ Ted…or won for Satan?

“…that you cannot deny that that book [TGG/TGH] has heaven’s blessing.”

Actually yes Ted I can, I can totally deny TGC has heaven’s blessing because even the God of heaven can draw His Children to Himself through falsehood such as that found in TGC.

A few moments equals about 24 more minutes.

“I don’t want anyone here to leave this place and tell anyone that we were worshiping The Great Controversy-”

Well it sure seems like it Ted and Co. you haven’t mentioned the Bible once. And you have this Academy Awards light set up wot show off your TGC books, and you’re going to be praying all over The Great Controversy…so it’s all rather confusing.

“…or that we’re lifting up a book…”

But you are.

“…we don’t even worship the Bible…”

Yes I know you change it. Is the Clear Word (Bible) the Word of God?

“we value the Bible…”

Then why did you change it?

“We don’t worship the Bible…we don’t worship Ellen White, we don’t worship the Great Controversy…we worship God!”

Oh really, then why do you venerate a day?

I love how the presenter laughs after the laying on of hands is mentioned…belittling again.

It’s funny that they asked God’s blessing on the distribution of things that they’d already prepared back in the early days…and again now. Basically…”Okay God…we prepared all this great stuff, now give it your blessing.”

It should be “God I’m yours, what can I do for you today?”

“we’re going to humbly kneel and pray-”

Wait this is humble? This grand display is one of humility? This parade of persons before your talk and the even longer one after your talk are all doing this in humility?

“…use all this pure, spiritual work…brought out by our publishing houses-”

For a moment in that pause I though he was actually going to be a little inclusive of…Christian books…but no, just more falsehoods that God can work through in spite of what humans will try and do.

After Ted’s speech comes what is called a simple program, which is just more of what they would claim to be humility, more people from different divisions coming up and handing TGC/TGH to people who put them on and around the globe. This lasts for quite a while and I won’t be explaining it.

The next thing I will break down is at least one of the prayers.

But I’m telling you this is like a strange marriage between the Oscars, a pep rally, and just strangeness.

I will say listen very carefully at around 15:45-15:55 for a little slip of the tongue.

16:15-16:24 about how many languages the book is available in.

16:41 look at the number of books that are dedicated to the Great Hope Project- 166,600,000…I hope that wasn’t planned, I hope it’s a joke, wait no I don’t because the number 666 is no joking matter.

17 mins to 17:32 is very disturbing.

They talk about how many will find hope the first time they read TGC…but many will not pay attention until the events described in TGC begin to happen and only then will they join.

This is like people I’ve talked to on the street who say, well when I see that the Rapture is true…then I’ll become a Christian…or on my deathbed I will become a Christian. The Bible itself says that after the Restrainer (The Bride w/Holy Spirit is taken out of the way) the God Himself will send forth a strong delusion that would fool if possible even the Elect (The Nation of Israel)!

Folks if you wait for the signs it will be too late! Join now! Loose yourself, surrender to God, and find your salvation in Him! Do it NOW!

Wow look at all those humble people on the stage there! That’s a full stage.

Wait still more, when I was eatching this for the first time last Sunday with my Former Adventist friends I was thinking…is there going to anyone left in the congregation by the time this is done.

The seats just keep emptying and emptying, how would you feel if you weren’t called to be up there and were an outstanding Adventist?

19 mins…a special prayer first by Mark Finley- then Janet and then by the President.

I’ll do my best to keep this short but I’ll break down some phrases from each prayer probably.

“Our Father in Heaven, through divine inspirations and visions your prophet was instructed that her husband James White should begin a little paper. And that from that humble beginning streams of light would go around the world. Father when that vision was given (pause) over 15o years ago now- our early Adventist pioneers had little idea of this day. When they knelt there in rocky Hill Connecticut, around those few pamphlets “Present Truth” they had no idea that one day 166 million books of the Great Controversy”

Look at the video shot at this time, to me that’s just really really freaky.

“…would be scattered in languages, and cultures in every country of the world. Father, we thank you so much for the way that you have guided the publishing ministry of this church. We praise you for these millions of books that will go out. Now Father we specifically pray for two things today, first, that as your people (Adventists) read the Great Controversy that the spirit that inspired its writing would inspire their hearts. We know that books have value, only as these books are read and these principles become life transforming in the hearts and minds of people. So we pray for your (the Adventist) church, [those]who read these books, we pray for your people that the reading of the Great Controversy. Would produce a revival among Seventh-Day Adventists. We pray that this promotion, this initiative, would catch fire in your (the Adventist) church, that families would read Great Controversy for their worships, that prayer meetings in churches would be held on Great Controversy, that our preachers would preach Biblical messages on the theme Great Controversy. We also pray Father right now for the millions of people that will receive this book that don’t know you. We pray that now you would stir their hearts, we pray that at the critical time of this Earths’ history that you would move in their lives, prepare right now father the hearts of the people that will receive the book inspire your people (Adventists) to give it out. And may hearts be touched and lives be changed and may tens of thousands of them rejoice with us in the Kingdom as the result of this initiative, in Jesus name we pray it, Amen.”


Now Janet look what she tucked under her arm (her Bible) look at what she’s holding instead of her Bible…you guessed it…the Great Controversy!

“Father in Heaven, what a privilege it is to be praying over this book what an exciting moment that this is happening. Lord you know all the people I’ve met and when I’ve them how did you come into the (Adventist) church and so many have said well I watched this t.v. program, and they offered this book (TGC), and I signed up, got it, and read it, and now I’m in the Church (Adventist). Lord you say in your word that if Jesus is lifted up, if Jesus is lifted up (Hint this book is NOT lifting Jesus up, it’s extolling an Adventist Jesus) You will be exalted Father all men will be drawn unto Him. Lord this book is filled with (Our version) of you. With (our version of) Jesus! And Father we pray that as it goes around the world and is given out that Jesus will be lifted up! That people will see the loving and compassionate Jesus that we have. (What about the bloody and broken one? The Risen one!) And Lord put it in the hands of the right person, that you know, prepare their hearts now. In fact Lord you’ve done some much with our student Elise, Lord give people dreams of the very picture on the front of the book and when they see it they’ll say “I’ve got to have that book I’ve got to read it.”   And Lord just keep putting it to the top of the pile of their books. Everything compel them as that one young woman who came into the church (Adventist Church) told me- Her Aunt thrust the book in her lap and said “You’ve got to read this!”  And she’d been warned by her dad “Don’t ever read it.” (Amen!) And she tried to hide it away, but she was just urged, compelled, to read it. (By who or what?) And when she did she told me that she’d never so sensed God’s presence, as when she read Great Controversy. Lord let that happen to millions around this world (Your will be done of course Lord despite TGC) Oh God this is the day, give us the holy boldness, give us the sensitivity, may we be in prayer our people all around the world, to know who you want us to give it to, and to give it in the right way. (How do you give falsehood in the right way?) Lord that you will totally be leading each one of us, and that God a revival will happen among our people (Adventists) but around the world, the people around the world will know what a loving God we serve, not a FATHER THAT BURNS US ETERNALLY IN HELL (which is Biblical, but He only burns those that DON’T choose Him through the Son) Lord, thank thank you for what you are going to do through this, and Father we’ve been told so many times by the press that the time that they have so much trouble is the time that they print this book. (And you haven’t gotten the hint?) Now why is that (Perhaps because you teach an Adventist God and Jesus and not Biblical God and Jesus) WE ASK THAT THE BLOOD OF JESUS COVER THE PRINTING OF ALL THESE BOOKS (WOW! I don’t think you realize what you’re asking. The Blood of Jesus will not cover Blasphemy and falsehood- unless you are Born from Heaven). that you will bind Satan away that he will not be able to cause any problems (Oh so that’s who you think is causing the problems) and that we can get it out to people. Thank you, thank you, and thank you…Jesus Jesus it’s all about Jesus! (No TGC isn’t…it’s about the Adventist Jesus). And what he’s done for us on that cross Lord, oh keep bringing it home to our hearts. What a wonderful thing you’ve done, in Jesus name.

You know i was going to transcribe Ted Wilson’s also but this post has taken me hours to write.

I can only hope that my Christian Brothers and Sisters and my Adventist friends understand the reality of what the Adventist church is doing…and the reality of the Jesus they’re preaching, and the focus on the Great Controversy instead of the Bible in Adventism is but an outward sign of a total misappropriation of scripture. And a twisting of worldview that is highly, HIGHLY anti-Christian.

I hope I’ve opened your eyes, I hope you open your hearts, and surrender to Christ who is your only way of Salvation. Don’t wait, for today could be your last day, cast your sins at the feet of the Cross and let Jesus clothe you in His Righteousness.

In Christ,


The King James Bible 1611 ed. ends the Epistle...

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  1. Brian C A friend from Mentone says:

    IF THE CHURCH YOU attack is so impotent why do you attack is with so much vigor Move on ross move. Forgivness is Biblical isnt it?

    Yours brother in Christ,
    Brian C

    • rossbondreturns says:


      Just like God loves the Sinner and hates the sin, I Love the Adventist ( as a person) but hate the lies they teach. That is the reason that I run this blog, to point out that Adventism does not believe the same Biblical truths as the Christian Church as a whole. This is what God has called me to do, and you don’t say no to God. I encourage you to look at the following link if you have not yet and tell me you wouldn’t be alarmed if you were a Christian looking at Adventism from the outside.

      Brian I’ll add you to my prayer list that you come to a proper understanding of Adventism and why it is very dangerous and unbiblical.


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