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My latest youtube video is the start of another series called Whiteboard Wisdom!

I have a small whiteboard that I sometimes carry because some people respond better to diagrams than just the spoken word so I thought…hmmmm, can I bring that to use to share my faith with you all online.

You bet, this episode is about the Second Coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!


Check it out!

In Christ,



Today God put a very important topic on my heart- The Signs of the Times- no not the Adventist magazine…but the Signs of the END Times. And how we should be acting as Christians in light of the Word of God. Check it Out!

Until next time…be looking up!

In Christ,


life at 10000 feet

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Today I’m happy to present to you the first episode of as many as God allows me to produce of Morning Walk in The Word (MWiTW).

MWiTW is a devotional video designed to be watched as something to fortify for your upcoming day by grounding you firmly in a message of hope form the Word of God, of course I encourage you to view them when you have the time but being grounded in the Word at the beginning of each day is a key part of the Christian Walk and living in a full and active relationship with Christ! While I very much doubt I can keep up with producing a video a day (especially on Sunday) I will produce at least two devotional videos a week. In each video I’ll be sharing from the Word on a different topic, each topic will be chosen by God moments before I record the segments on my camera!

Today’s video is about how we as believers should be Transformed not Conformed.

I hope you find some comfort in the Word and have a blessed day.

In Christ,