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As an Adventist most of my time was spent listening to sermons delivered by family and friends that featured a lot of proof texting to prove a point that supported their already held beliefs. I had no idea at the time that I was dangerously unprepared for any kind of Spiritual Warfare that would rear its ugly head in my life. Sure I went out with the knowledge I had, but I might as well have been shooting blanks, I was dangerously under powered. I had practically no knowledge of Biblical truth, while I could feel and sense theĀ oppressiveĀ spiritual forces of the enemy constantly on the attack and threatening to overwhelm me.

On the night I was born again as I’ve shared here in the past God allowed me to experience in every sense of the word the spiritual battle that was raging over my eternal Spirit. I was woefully unprepared from a personal standpoint but as I trusted God to never give me more than I could handle I knew there was a reason for the overwhelming nature of the display of God’s true power that night. That reason was a confirmation, the Holy Spirit had been leading my walk for a while by the time the events of this night came around, this night I was to confirm my decision.