When a Christian Goes to any Other Church at the Invitation of a Friend

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, From Adventism to Christ, Outreach, The Bible, Writing
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I’m writing this article because I want to make a few things clear, if you know friends Adventist or of any other denomination they will probably invite you to church. My first advice is to go, absolutely, do go to church with them.

I advise you to also do the following (things you should do anyway or NOT DO ):

1: Make sure you’ve put on the armor of God and are living your life in Christ.

2: Take a good study Bible with you. (Many Adventists will use plain Bibles or plain Bibles that are Adventist study Bibles in disguise) but showing up with a good study Bible is a must.

3: Listen carefully, taking good notes or a digital recording of the sermon. Make sure you make notes of all Bible passages ( this is something most Adventists don’t do) this enables you to go back later and use the 20/20 study style to see if the verses used were taken out of context.

4: Do NOT whip out a copy of Christianity Today, Christian Century, Proclamation or any other Christian magazine and read it during the sermon so that you don’t listen to the heresy. (I mention this only because I’ve seen my mum whip out her Review and Herald or Signs of the Times magazine and read away during a Calvary Chapel service). God has you there for a reason, He will help you discern the wheat from the chaff in any sermon, and will nourish you in the Spirit. In fact reading a magazine of any variety during a church service is a slap in God’s face, once again, he brought you to that service for a reason.

5: Do engage in discussion, and in discussion let the Holy Spirit lead what you say even if it makes you or those who invited you uncomfortable.

6: Do if possible engage the Pastor in discussion over anything you hear that’s not Biblically sound that he’s just spoken from the pulpit, as usual do this as led by the Spirit.

7: Do thank your Adventist/Methodist/Presbyterian etc.  friends for inviting you to church.


You’ll notice my do not point in there, now I’m including that because there are some people who think it’s alright to do such things. Not true, it’s pretty classless and reflects not only badly on you but on those who’ve invited you.


I’m also writing this because I’ve been invited by my sister and my mum to go to the SDA church with them next week, and unless something really strange happens I’ve totally accepted that invitation.

However during the phone conversation my mum made a snide comment about me not standing up and speaking heresy. Now, my mum has a weird sense of humor which I inherited but I have the uncomfortable feeling that she was being serious. Of course I wouldn’t stand up and interrupt the service with truth unless God instructed me to, such a thing would be classless and unbecoming, I’m a guest.

Now I must say my Mum made encouraging leaps when she visited Trinity Evangelical Free Church with me in Redlands Calfornia last December. She joined in the praise, and listened attentively to the sermon until they had to leave early to make it to the airport for their flight- they were model guests. My Mum even told me that she was happy I’d found the perfect church for me, she has no idea how much that meant and still means.

I mentioned the 20/20 bible Study formula and this is how it works, you take the one or two…or however many verses that are cited and you look them up in your Bible. Then you read the 20 verses prior to the cited verses and the 20 verses after the verses cited, this enables you to see them in context and the context could either support the pastors perspective and teaching or prove it to be in error. In fact in books like Galatians and Ephesians and other short Epistles I’d argue to read the entire book, and in longer ones the entire Chapter the verses are cited from, this is proper Bible study and will only help your knowledge and understanding of the Word deepen.

Remember the Holy Spirit who is in you will lead you to all truth, and open the Bible to you the more you allow Him to study it with you.

It’s my hope that when we visit other churches with family and friends that we can do so with class, confidence, and peace knowing that with the Holy Spirit in us we will be nourished because God’s Word does not come back void.

In Christ,



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