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Just the other day, yes that would be the 20th of May 2011 Colleen Tinker a friend and Former Adventist did an hour radio interview over the phone with Todd Friel for Wretched Radio.

This interview is a MUST for understanding the ticking inner workings and teachings underneath the thin Christian sheen of Adventism. I highly recommend a listen to for all people who visit this blog, Christian and non Christian alike.

Unfortunately I cannot host it here but you can find it at one of the following link and listen to it free of charge!

Former Adventist . Com Under news at the top right of the main page- look for Wretched Radio.

Life Assurance Ministries Upper left corner..look for Wretched Radio.

God Bless you today!



What do Harold Camping and his followers and Amazing Facts have in common, I’ll tell you in this post. In fact I’ll get it out right now.

Date setting is wrong (Camping), and taking advantage of disillusioned people in the aftermath of said date setting (Amazing Facts) is wrong also.

Don’t Set Dates

Harold Camping and his followers are absolutely certain that Jesus will come for His Bride in May 21 2001. They are so certain that a specific time has also been given of 6 P.M.- time zone I do not know. I do know that they are wrong.

The Bible states that they are unquestionably wrong. It states that no one knows the date or the hour of Jesus return for His Bride but the Father. Harold Camping is not God the Father.