“Those Fiendish Jews”

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Breaking News, Outreach
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This article is from the Jerusalem Post website and I’ll put the link down below. It is an editorial piece from yesterday and should open a few eyes. Here’s a short quotation:

“Those fiendish Jews. They are making it so hard for us to kill them.

They pulled every last father, mother and child out of the Gaza Strip, where we could get at them easily. They pulled their army out too.

Every last tank, every last soldier. The only one we’ve got here now is Gilad Schalit.

Some of them thought that this might sate our ambitions. Idiots. They thought the “international community” would give us hell if we carried on trying to kill them. Fools. Of course we weren’t going to stop, and of course no one was going to stop us. We won’t stop till we’ve terrorized them all the way out of Palestine. And it’s not like we’re making any secret of that; it’s all there in our charter.”

Here’s the link to the rest of the article: Jerusalem Post Article

Pray for Jerusalem and the Nation of Israel!

In Christ,



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