Sold Out to whom?

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, From Adventism to Christ, Running the Race, The Bible
Holy Spirit,

Sold Out

You are sold out, the question is who are you sold out to. The answer makes for an eternity of difference. There is after all an eternity to look forward to with either fear or nervous anticipation. And who you are sold out to when you die determines your final sale if you will along with your ultimate destination.

At Birth

When you were conceived God gave you an eternal spirit, unfortunately due to the Sin of Adam way back in Genesis this spirit is dead in sin. In essence from the moment you are conceived in the womb you are sold out…to Satan. My apologies. However that doesn’t stop the truth, you are born into a sin nature, your spirit is dead in sin and thus aligned to Satan and away from your creator, God. Of course since you’re dead in sin, and think that sin is normal, (after all what’s of the world is normal right?) then you are not apt to look for the light… the light of truth.

As You Grow

As you grow you might find yourself drawn to spiritual things this is not your doing but God’s doing. Remember that God saw all of eternity before he even created a single thing, he knew all who would choose to follow him, so he gently guided them in a walk that would lead them to chose Him.

Don’t forget it’s up to YOU to chose who YOU will be sold out to.

However you have to realize you are already sold out to Satan…or SOULd out if you will.

It is when you repent of your sin and accept the gift of the sacrifice of His son, God in Man, Jesus Christ on the cross…that you become sold out to God!

Sold Out to The Savior

There is no probationary period you go directly from sinner to saved. And despite what many legalists, like for instance Seventh day Adventists will say- nothing is required on behalf of you as a person except faith.

The Bible Says that God gives us the Faith!

The Bible says that it is By Faith through Grace that we are saved!

The Grace also comes from God!

And did you know that God gives those who are saved a gift?The new believer is Filled and Sealed by the Holy Spirit!

The Final Destination

I’ve talked about the final destination before if you die aligned/sold out to the Devil then you will go to Hell, a place designed for Satan and his angels.

God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, He simply acknowledges the individuals decision and lets them go where they choose to go.

If you are sold out to The Savior your wrath has already been taken, you are destined for Heaven and the New Heavens and New Earth and eternal communion with you Lord and savior.

You are removed before the 7 Years of Tribulation because God in Jesus already took the wrath destined for you on the cross…not to mention the fact that Jesus doesn’t need to beat His Bride to a pulp before receiving Her unto Himself. Such a action would make God a liar and go against what He stands for which is Love and Justice.

Make a choice before it is to late.

In Christ,


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