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Today is the first day of 3 for the Former Adventist Fellowship weekend in Redlands California! We are meeting on the campus of Trinity Church this Friday, Saturday and Sunday so feel free to come on by!

Tonights keynote address from 7-9:15 is open to whoever want to attend so if you’re in the area drop on in, you will be warmly welcomed.

So far this morning we’ve had 3 excellent and scripturally robust presentations.

Pastor J. Mark Martin Pastor and Founder of Calvary Community Church in Arizona had the first and last pre-lunch talks about Can the Rapture be supported by the Bible? (In case you were wondering the answer is…YES!) And His second talk called Can belief in the human spirit be supported by the Bible? once again the Biblical evidence was very much in favor of the YES vote!

The middle talk of the morning was presented by Dale Ratzlaff and was calledDoes the Sabbath continue in the New Testament? The answer that the Bible presents is that Jesus is our Sabbath Rest and that the Sabbath was simply a shadow of Jesus Christ and the full rest that can be found in him for anyone.

I’ll be posting follow ups and other post throughout the upcoming weeks on the weekend and going into a lot more detail on each presentation. It is my hope that you will be led to a deeper understanding of Christ and the full meaning of the Bible through all the articles you will read on this blog.

God Bless,


P.S. Follow my tweets from FAF Weekend @RossBondReturns



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