Links are back…and an information update.

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Christian Beliefs
Commodore 64C with 1541-II floppy drive and 10...

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I don’t often do inofrmation updates about things that might be happening soon around the blog but I felt it prudent to inform you of a couple of changes one of which has happened, and one that is upcoming.

First of all my list of links is back just check the side menu: It lists my latest blog up top and I urge you to check it out, my writing blog is next, followed by my secular blog which I update from time to time but far less frequently than I used to.

Secondly the computer I use to write up my posts at home died a silent death and because of that I will only be able to write posts at the library while I’m online…and not before hand saving them to flashdrive. Since this is the case the content, specifically the length of the post won’t be up to the usual standards which I strive for, and I apologize in advance.

That said if anyone living in the inland empire has a laptop, or old desktop tower that has flash ports and are willing to donate it for the cause of keeping the content on this blog of high quality please drop me an e-mail at:

It would be greatly appreciated.

In Christ,


P.S. No I did not use a C-64 to type up posts, but my computer is just as dead.


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