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In the Bible the names had great meaning, and when they were changed they had an even greater meaning. When a Biblical name was changed it generally pointed to a transition point or change in the walk of one who followed Christ. Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel. Children were given names which were important to the parents, or that described their temperament or nature.

I was asked recently in an e-mail from my mum why the site here was called The Bible Runner, so I thought I’d respond to that question with a little historical glance over the shoulder, to the original plans for the site and how as a Christ Follower God often revolutionizes our ideas into His own. After all, He did buy my life with His, I am no longer my own.

The Bible Runner

The Bible Runner began life a long time ago when I was still dead to sin and part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It began as a story I never wrote on paper but I let play out in my imagination. The story revolved around a person who was a Bible Runner– who was working underground to keep the Word in the hands of Christians facing off against a powerful Religio-political organization called the CAG– or Catholic American Government. The Bible Runner worked with others like himself to do local and not so local deliveries between underground churches, until one day when he’s called upon to take a delivery across the country.

The Story was heavily influenced by my beliefs at the time, if you couldn’t tell that by some of the elements in my description above then I’ll have to reveal more about the SDA church in a later post.

Suffice it to say my beliefs have changed significantly since God through the Holy Spirit called me out of Adventism into His wonderful rest. My original story had no mention of the Rapture (a secret Rapture which I made fun of as an Adventist) and now the Bible Runner was left behind and his wife and daughter were taken to Heaven when Christ came and took them to the Father’s House. The Bible Runner story now takes place just prior to the mid point in the Tribulation, the 7 year period between the Rapture and the Glorious Appearing. Now the Bible Runner must struggle to make a delivery across the country while dealing with physical handicaps, personal relationship issues and the hounding shock troops of the GPF Global Protection Forces.

The Bible-Runner Online

The website was originally designed as a place to reveal, a chapter at a time, the Bible Runner novel to the world. Through the episodic nature, I hoped to draw people into a fiction that could soon become reality and engage them in a Biblical discussion without blasting them with tons of theology.

As you can tell things have changed!

God ‘s in charge around here and He through the Holy SPirit leads me in what I’m going to share and post. This site was going to be selfishly ME or I centered, however once I’d woken to my sin, and let the Holy Spirit in the priorities changed.

Sure you can still read the Bible Runner novel on this website, it’s just in the background where it needs to be. And yes I do have more chapters to upload, and they will eventually appear. Writing the story out it has turned into a living breathing world, far more important than I’d ever concieved.

However the site itself is a place where I upload for your reading pleasure, intrest, consternation posts jam packed with theology! It is a place where I share with you what the Holy Spirit has led me to study about, and it is a place where you will will recieve the full gospel. IN fact here’s a blueprint for accurately sharing the Gospel.

1: Discuss the 10 Commandments with the person you are sharing with.

2: Go over them, find out which Commandments you have broken, and they have broken.

3: Reveal that the punishment for breaking these commandments is Eternal punishment in Hell.

4: Reveal that someone has already taken the punishment they deserve.

5: Reveal that that person is Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross for your sins, and He is the only way of Salvation.

6: Ask them if they are ready to accept God’s gift of eternal life, by Grace through Faith.

7: Lead them in a prayer of Repentance for Salvation.

God does not have a wonderful plan for your life if you think your life is already wonderful. Those who are in the world are dead in sin, they think sin is just fine. They think it is normal. That is why a proper presentation of the plan of Salvation must begin with an understanding of the Ten Commandments, and the punishment for breaking them.

The plan of Salvation without first revealing sin leads to a person experimenting with Christ like putting on a parachute. If you promise that God will provide Joy, Peace, Happiness and a long life- and they get what the Bible promises; persecution, trouble, hate, struggles- I could go on. Then they will just take Christ off, get rid of the parachute. And they will be hardened against any future chance of salvation.

It’s only when a sinner sees that eternal punishment will be meted out for their actions, and the amazing truth that this punishment has already been taken by someone else, that the Sinner will happily and humbly put on the Parachute of Christ.

The Christian Life is like running a race. Run it with a Bible in your hand or purse or backpack. Repent and put on Christ, and He promises great and eternal rewards.

Be a Bible Runner.

In Christ,


  1. Leigh Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing the blueprint for sharing the Gospel! I needed that 🙂

    • rossbondreturns says:

      You’re more then welcome!

      And lest we forget that a true teaching of the Gospel will probably bring anger and frustration…and hopefully Salvation.

      Martyrdom is an option because the Gospel was so violently opposed.

      In Christ,


  2. Thanks, Ross! You’re so right; the gospel depends upon a person’s knowing he’s a hopeless sinner—an objects of wrath, in fact (Eph 2:3)…that’s the part of the equation I didn’t used to understand. I knew I was “bad”; I didn’t realize I had NO HOPE of ever being “good”.

    I needed a Savior.

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