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Note: I have a much more in depth post prepared for today but unfortunately saved it to my hard drive and not my flash drive, so this post will show a very pointed look at just one thing from the Crucifixion we should be thankfull for… and next Monday I’ll post the entire thing.

50 Jesus shouted again with a loud voice and gave up His spirit. (AJ) 51 Suddenly, the curtain of the sanctuary (AK) [u] was split in two from top to bottom;

Matthew 27:50 Holman Christian Standard

Torn Asunder

Not many hours before this the High Priest had torn open his garnment in a sacriligous act at the supposed lies of Jesus our Messiah.

Now God, at the exact time the sacrifical lamb is being sacrificed for the people of Israel has accepted the sacrifice His only Son, chosen since before the foundations of the world. This sacrifice was our doorway into the very Throne Room of Heaven.

The Holy Place

The Holy Place looking towards the Temple Veil

God using an earthquake, and I’d imagine His mighty right hand tore the veil between the Holy and Most Holy place from TOP to BOTTOM. This veil or curtain was 60 feet from top to bottom and 30 feet across, it was also the thickness between thumb and pinkie finger spread wide. It took 300 men to carry it when it was wet. This was no thin tissue paper it was designed to allow only the High Priest into the presence of God, and now God had done away with it.

For us now, Jesus sacrifice still stands as the only way to Salvation, the only way we can ever approach God on His throne is through the Sacrifice of the Son. And the Sacrifice of the Son only matters because of His Resurrection from the grave, and His asencion to the right hand of the Father.

 No one searches out the Father, or the Son, without the Father leading Him to interest in spiritual things. Every one of us who has accepted this gift got to this saving grace the very same way. Those of you who are being led toward it or have just found it, you need to accept it.

We all can and should be exceedingly thankful that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. This Thanksgiving be thankful that you have a God who wants to be and intimate loving father through you, and choose to be saved and adopted into His family.

Lord we Thank you for Giving your Son.

In Christ,



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