C.S.I: Christ Said It (Pilot Article 0.00)

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Christ Said It

C.S.I. : Christ Said It


Looking at The Wedding at Cana Part One

Joh 2:1  On the third day there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.

Joh 2:2  Jesus also was invited to the wedding with his disciples.

Joh 2:3  When the wine ran out, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.”

Joh 2:4  And Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.”

John 2:1-4

 The Wedding

Jesus and Mary and the disciples had been invited to a wedding, a Jewish wedding. They were guests of the bride or groom, perhaps even both. Jewish weddings lasted for a week at the very least and here in the story it says that we are on the third day of that wedding. And much to the horror of the father of the Groom they have entirely run out of wine, on the third day, what a bunch of heavy drinkers!

Apparently Mary found out and since she was a dear friend of the party (ies) involved she went to her son. Perhaps Jesus had shown some abilities while growing up as a child and young man that encouraged Mary to come to Him, but there are no written records of that. Whatever the case Mary wanted to help the host of the wedding save face so she turned to Jesus, and asked Him for His help.

Jesus with a smile I’m certain said back softly: “Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.”

 One Line

In the Bible it’s given to its own verse and it’s a very important verse, every word that Jesus says is important to our understanding of Him as a whole, especially to the things He is doing, or going to do for us in our lives.

We’re going to break down this one sentence of Jesus into three parts. First we will address the one word in front of the comma, woman. Then we will check out the inquiry of Jesus, what does this have to do with me? And finally we’ll discuss Jesus words, My hour has not yet come.


 Firstly that seems like a very abrupt way of talking to a mother don’t you think, if most of us tried to talk to our mothers this way we’d probably get in trouble. It wouldn’t matter if it was said in a light and caring manner calling your mother woman would be seen as improper, rude and scandalous. However in Jesus time it was quite normal, you see in Jesus time the woman was pretty much like an object that you owned.

Women were looked down upon in Bible times for instance the individual Pharisee would more likely pray a thanks quite often that “I was not born a gentile or a woman.” Women were there to cook, provide food, and provide heirs, and they certainly weren’t expected to provide evidence, or testimony in the event that say something was stolen. Or as we’ll see in the future of our CSI studies that Jesus had risen and was gone from the tomb.

With all of that being said Jesus was entirely appropriate in addressing His mother as Woman, it would have been expected, accepted and understood, especially by Mary.

What does this have to do with me?

 It is here that we get the biggest hint that Jesus and his disciples were invited because Mary had asked for them to be here. It is as if Jesus were there in part because He was the latest big thing, the latest greatest teacher of the scriptures, and not because of any real relationship with those being married.

It’s almost as if Jesus is saying in a interesting fashion: It’s not my fault that they didn’t buy enough wine, go send someone to the shops.

My Hour has not yet come.

Up until this time in His ministry Jesus has not shown any hint of His glory but that is not actually what He’s talking about. Jesus here is referring to a very specific moment in His life that is exceptionally important to all of us as sinners and Christ-followers alike. He’s referring here to the longest day of His life, the day when He will be betrayed, and tried in an illegal hearing, scourged to the point of bleeding to death, and then hanging on a cross.

He’s talking about the day when He will take the focused and justified wrath of God the Father that was destined for each and every person who ever has and ever will have lived upon this earth. The God man Jesus Christ would take on the wrath of His Father for everyone, but not everyone would accept this ultimate gift.

Blood Must Be Shed or There is NO Redemption

There are many people, Brian McLaren and the Emergent Church included that want to change what the Bible teaches about Salvation. They want to take out the blood spilled in the scourging of Christ and the walk to Calvary, not to mention the blood our Lord and Savior spilled upon the cross the most important blood ever. Why do they want to take it out? Because it’s inhuman, vile, reprehensible- it’s cosmic child abuse.

It’s our only hope, we’ve never been able to save ourselves and we never will be. That is why as promised through Zechariah God promised to send a deliverer through a virgin birth. And in the Gospels we have the Holy Spirit coming upon young Mary and Mary giving birth to the God man, God in man, God the Son Jesus Christ.

In the Garden of Eden after eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves together to cover up their nakedness. They did this to try and fix what they had broken, but what they had broken was their spiritual connection to God, it was not something external. However this historical story brings forth a perspective or lack of it that continues to this day, we can save ourselves by keeping laws, keeping days, making ourselves “gods”, we do ANYTHING but go to God through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Moments after God had told Adam and Eve of their promised deliverer He sacrificed animals so He could clothe them.

Sacrifice is, was, and will always be 100 percent necessary for our salvation. Jesus Christ, the God man was not a last ditch effort to save humanity, this plan was ready since BEFORE the foundations of the earth. God the Father saved us and adopted us back into the original relationship He had with Adam and Eve the only Just way He could. By sacrificing His perfect Son in OUR place, by raining down His WRATH onto His Son, after placing every sin EVER committed past, present and future onto Him.

Just as God covered Adam and Eve with animal skins as a picture of Salvation, we are seen through the Blood of Christ Himself when we choose Him and receive the gift of eternal life by grace through faith.

Without blood there is no redemption.

Next time we’ll finish looking at the wedding in Cana for there’s still more to mine from the Word of God. Until next time keep searching the Word of God for more Evidence of Jesus Christ and His work for us all.

In Christ,



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