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1 Samuel: 3:16 And Eli called Samuel and said, Samuel, my son. And he answered, Here am I.

Samuel and the Lord had a very close relationship; the Lord talked to him and told him things straight up because he knew Samuel and that Samuel would make a great mouthpiece for the people. On this night the Lord had told Samuel a great many things about his parental guardian the High Priest Eli. How Eli had let his sons continue to curse God even though he knew about it, how this would in fact never be forgiven Eli.

Samuel also loved Eli like a son would love his father and as he heard these pronouncements I’m sure he felt torn. Of course God was God and what he said was right there was no doubt about that, but he loved Eli so. What if Eli asked him what the Lord had said to him?

Apparently he didn’t get much sleep that night because while it says he stayed in his bed till morning it says nothing about him getting a lick of sleep.

After he opened the doors of the temple Eli asked for him and then asked of him in terms that could not be mistaken what the Lord had told him that night. I could imagine Samuel swallowing a big lump in his throat before starting to speak, he would tell the truth it is what God would want of him.

Once Samuel had told Eli all that the Lord had told him he waited, nervously I’d imagine for his response. Eli was wise, very smart because he pretty much said: “God’s right, he’d better do what he thinks is right.”

There are times when the Lord might tell us to do things that we feel really uncomfortable doing. He might not direct us in words, it might be a thought or a very strong impression that the Lord wants us to talk to this person or share with that homeless man at the bus stop. Often we fail, we walk right on by, and this is an opportunity we’ll never have again.

I’ve done it recently and it leaves a bitter feeling of failure in your mouth, what if I’m the only one who would’ve shared with him what I know? However the time has passed, often the feeling will go away. This is not because God doesn’t want you to share what you know even if it will make you or those you share with uncomfortable. It is because just like we have the choice to accept the Holy Spirit into our hearts we also have the choice of whether or not we’re going to share this time.

God puts before us many chances every day to share his redeeming grace with those we meet. And I’m willing to guarantee that once you share with someone the first time that it will be easier the next.

 So the next time you’re given that opportunity step out in faith and confidence and share the word.

“Did you know that Jesus loves you?” “Do you know Jesus?”

Simple as that.


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