Rapture Meets Hollywood again: Skyline Trailer 2 and More!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, Films, The Bible
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I gave you a heads up with the first teaser trailer for Skyline…and now we have a new trailer that’s far more detailed. And certainly no less detailed with it’s digs at Christianity.

Also there’s another film out now showing another Hollywood version of The Rapture…or the events after it at the very least called Vanishing on 7th Street. Here’s that trailer.

Just remember you have to lay your life at Jesus feet, God purchased you by the death of His Son Jesus Christ. Give God the thorne of your life and He will send the Holy Spirit to live in you and seal you for Heaven.

And when it’s time for the Real Rapture…the Real Gathering together of the Saints in the air you will be taken into the clouds to see your Saviour in the air.

Look to Christ who is the light of your world, give him your life, and you’ll gain eternal life. The only thing you should be afraid of is not having the Holy Spirit, then you will be left behind.

In Christ,



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