Dear Adventist Friends…Why the Disguise?

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Christian Beliefs, From Adventism to Christ, Outreach, The Bible
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Dear Adventist Friends: If you preach and teach the Truth then why do you disguise yourself?

 While I was still an Adventist I noticed something that still goes on today and it is both puzzling and frightening. Not only does the Adventist Church consistently try and reach out and for all practical purposes steal Christian believers from other denominations, but they also for some unfathomable reason cover up who they are when they do it the vast majority of the time.

 This sort of deceptiveness certainly doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that Christians should be doing. In fact Jesus himself called the global church of believers salt (something that adds taste and preserves food) and the light to the world (ones who share our beliefs in Him). At the same time He warns that in the last days the Salt will loose its taste (the Church will start saying things that people want to hear instead of the Gospel) and not only that but He warns us not to cover up our light (by using amongst other things deceptive advertising) in fact in Revelation He warns that if certain churches don’t get their teaching right that their lampstand, (their ability to share the word) will be taken from amongst them.

 Adventism: Hiding Truth?

 When Adventist officials set up one of their Prophecy Seminars as they do often each year they bring out slick full color advertisements. These advertisements are designed to engage the reader, they are designed to fascinate and encourage people to come. They are also designed to cover up just who is putting on the seminars.
The Website for the Below Revelation Seminar
Adventist Prophecy Brochure  (I note that they do advertise that it’s happening at an Adventist Church. I’d still advise taking a writing pad…to take notes. Then take everything and put it in context later.)

 For the most part of not entirely the words Adventist Church do not appear on the advertisements and if at all possible the seminars themselves will be held at any location other than the Adventist Church. They’ll often have a picture of their main presenter with his name, and people assume that they can trust this person; more often than not it gives a safe description of this presenter with no indication that they are involved with the Adventist Church.

 The websites for these events are generally given safe names so people won’t be tempted to visit them, but even if they do they will find deception.

 During the presentations themselves people are practically shot with a fusillade of unconnected verses at a million miles per hour without any of them being taken in context. The only way they can get away with this is because their presenter is personable and seems to know what he’s talking about. The only way that a person can survive such an attack is to write all of those verses down and study them later. However most people want to simply accept what they are told, people are lazy and simply want the work done for them. Thus it’s very easy for Adventist leaders to con these listeners into believing without even taking the time to look into things.

 The danger of this kind of outreach, if it can be called such, is that it can ruin lives. Christians who are not firmly anchored in the truth can easily be swept up by these sort of presentations, and hopefully only for a time be lost in Adventism. 

 Is this sort of deception something that the global church, the church called to be separate from the world and to spread the undiluted and unaltered Gospel of Jesus Christ should or would do?

 The answer of course is no, the members of the church are called to be light a light on a hill, like a lighthouse if you will to those souls on the seas of life ready to be smashed upon the rocks.

 I think it’s obvious that because of this deceptiveness that something must be wrong with Adventism if they must lie to people to get them in. And not only that but often continue covering up many key theological differences between Adventism and mainline Christianity.

 In Christ,


To Be Continued…in further Articles.


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