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God is NOT a Co-Pilot 

Eph 1:13  Christ also brought you the truth, which is the good news about how you can be saved. You put your faith in Christ and were given the promised Holy Spirit to show that you belong to God.

Ephesians 1:13

On the Streets

I spend a lot of my time walking from place to place with my bag slung over my shoulder, it’s much easier to chare the gospel with people when you’re not riding a bike or driving a car. I say this even though some wonderful Christian friends of mine are going to be letting me try out a bike of theirs soon, and I will certainly see how things go with that.- but back to the introduction.

I was walking along when I saw a little sign where the front license plate would normally be on a minivan I was passing and it said: God is my Co-Pilot. Now back in the 90’s I might very well have agreed with it being that in Adventism we had no understanding of The Holy Spirit. Now however this sign not only paints a said picture of some peoples understanding of Bible truth, but I worry about people who still espouse such ideas.

 The Problem with the Co-Pilot

 The first major problem we have is that God is the Co-Pilot.

 You see this might seem very good of you to giving God the Co-Pilot position in the cockpit of your life, but it’s entirely false. You see it puts you in the position of Captain and as you can see from 1st Ephesians 1:13 The Holy Spirit, part of the Trinity that makes up GOD is in control of your life. You Belong to GOD.

 1Co 6:19  You surely know that your body is a temple where the Holy Spirit lives. The Spirit is in you and is a gift from God. You are no longer your own.

1Co 6:20  God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God.

 1st Corinthians 6:19-20

Bought for a Price

We were slaves to Sin, we were sold out to Satan, the prince of the power of the air.

We were brought into a New Covenant of Bread and Wine.

We were brought for 30 pieces of Silver.

We were brought by the sacrifice on the Cross of God Incarnate…Jesus Christ.

We were brought through a gift of Agape Love- the love, which is unconditional.

We are now Slaves of Grace, serving our Lord and savior.

We were once far away but we are now brought closer than brothers.

We were once full of Sin but now we’re full of Him.

After all of this do you really think it’s possible to give God the Co-Pilot seat…I think not! Not only is it totally ridiculous and cheap after all He’s done for us but if God is your Co-Pilot you’re not even a Christian.

You might think you are, I thought I was for a very long time, but I was still in control of my life. I asked God for help as needed!

“I got this God, but stay near the hotline just in case I need you.”

Is it any wonder that so many Christians feel like failures? Of course not if you’re still the one in charge of your life you’re not a Christian and you’re not Born Again no matter what you say, or think.

There are countless people sitting in churches throughout the country across vast numbers of denominations who really need to pay attention to this next section. I used to be the following type of Christian, and it’s a very dangerous position to be in, so pay very close attention.

Christian – The Holy Spirit = Dangerous Ground (A Follower)

Act 19:1  While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul traveled across the hill country to Ephesus, where he met some of the Lord’s followers.

Act 19:2  He asked them, “When you put your faith in Jesus, were you given the Holy Spirit?” “No!” they answered. “We have never even heard of the Holy Spirit.”

Act 19:3  “Then why were you baptized?” Paul asked. They answered, “Because of what John taught.”

Acts 19:1-3

These “Christians” in Corinth were visited by Paul and you’ll notice is says they were, followers of the Lord and he asks them if they were given the Holy Spirit. They respond no and say they don’t even KNOW what the Holy Spirit is!

This is dangerous; to be a Christ follower and not be filled with the Holy Spirit is like playing pretend. And being a pretend Christian if you will is very dangerous it’s very dangerous simply because it’s right where Satan wants you. You see you believe you’re a Christian, you believe you are saved- but to be saved you HAVE TO be INDWELLED by the HOLY SPIRIT!

Paul got on this quickly as you can see by the next 3 verses:

Act 19:4  Paul replied, “John baptized people so that they would turn to God. But he also told them that someone else was coming, and that they should put their faith in him. Jesus is the one that John was talking about.”

Act 19:5  After the people heard Paul say this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Act 19:6  Then Paul placed his hands on them. The Holy Spirit was given to them, and they spoke unknown languages and prophesied.

Acts 19:4-6

He says to them that Jesus is the one they need to have faith in and he took them and baptized them in the name of the Lord Jesus. (In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, when I was rebaptized in 2004 it was done with the following words: “I baptize you into Jesus Christ in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”)

And then Paul put his hands on them and the Holy Spirit was given to them, and they spoke languages they had never learned and they prophesied one to another.

 The Christian from Full of Sin to Full of Him

 The true Christian is fully converted and ready to go filled with the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Trinity, and the trinity makes up God.

 God is the one who should be Captain, remember he purchased you, you are now owned by God and not Satan.

 God through the Holy Spirit live again on this Earth through us.

 Here’s a little illustration that I read in a little book of Christian Illustrations to help you understand this fully. I’ve you’ve ever done canning you’ll get this right away but I’ll explain it in detail for those who have no idea what I’m going on about.

 The first thing you do is wash out the glass jars with hot water and dishwashing fluid, you wash them long and hard until they’re spotless. This is a picture of Sanctification; Jesus cleansed us of all of our sins when He hung on the cross for us.

 He did not stop there however just like in making preserves we put something else in the newly cleansed jar.

 Col 1:27  God did this because he wanted you Gentiles to understand his wonderful and glorious mystery. And the mystery is that Christ lives in you, and he is your hope of sharing in God’s glory.

 Colossians 1:27

 We died In CHRIST, and CHRIST LIVES in us through the HOLY SPIRIT!

 Once Christ lives in us we are new ADOPTED into the FAMILY of GOD.

 After we put the stuff in the jar then we seal it tight with a lid.

 Eph 1:13  You heard and believed the message of truth, the Good News that he has saved you. In him you were sealed with the Holy Spirit whom he promised.

 Ephesians 1:13

The Holy Spirit not only indwells us it also seals us and as I’ve taught in the past that seal is a confirmation of our booked passage to eternal life in Heaven and the New Heavens and New Earth, we’re just waiting to be Caught Up together in the Rapture of the Saints!

 Now remember that when you’re canning the old can isn’t known by what USED to be in the jar…but what now resides in the jar.

 We were Sinners full of sin, now we’re Saved filled with Christ and Sealed by the Holy Spirit!

 God is Our CAPTAIN

 We were cleaned out and made holy; Jesus Christ is in us through the Holy Spirit, which also seals us for eternity.

 God owns us.

He has called us to be part of a holy priesthood.

He has called us to go out as ambassadors for the proclamation of the Kingdom of God.

God is our Captain, and if we’re walking alongside him sharing the easy yoke we are perfectly in step.

 My life is still mine, but God is in charge of it, He lives through me and reaches others day by day. It is my honor to share in the great commission, and preach the coming of the kingdom; it is something to overflows through the power of the Spirit.

The Two Way Promise

Once we work together with God, once the Holy Spirit fills us and fuels our daily walk we have a promise from the very God we walk with daily.

Rom 14:8  If we live, we honor the Lord, and if we die, we honor the Lord. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

Romans 14:8

When we live we live to bring Glory to God. When we die we go straight to honor and glorify our God. And we both promise to each other that we will always and forever belong to our mighty God.

 And One More for Good Luck

 Joh 15:15  I don’t call you servants anymore, because a servant doesn’t know what his master is doing. But I’ve called you friends because I’ve made known to you everything that I’ve heard from my Father.

Joh 15:16  You didn’t choose me, but I chose you. I have appointed you to go, to produce fruit that will last, and to ask the Father in my name to give you whatever you ask for.

John 15:15-16

 Chapters 14 and 15 of John are like spun gold for the believer I challenge you to read them both and then take in the entire book of John for that matter. You will find that putting God first will make you into a complete Christian, and make your Christian walk one of daily wonder at what God does each and every day through you.

 May God bless you richly in your walk with Him, and I hope His message through me has been a blessing to you.

 Humbly in Christ,



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