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This is an overview and expositional teaching on Luke Chapter 21, I hope you learn something new from this and you can feel free to point out to me things that I probably didn’t think to touch on. As always have a Bible handy so you can read your favorite version, as the Holy Spirit for guidance and dive right in.

The Gosepl of Luke: Chapter 21

Luke 21


Luke 21:1  And having looked up, He saw the rich ones putting their gifts into the treasury.

Luke 21:2  And He also saw a certain poor widow putting two lepta there.

Luke 21:3  And He said, Truly I say to you, This poor widow put in more than all.

Luke 21:4  For all these out of their abundance put into the gifts to God, but she out of her poverty put in all the living which she had.

Luke 21 1-4

Jesus and the disciples are at the temple and they can’t help but hear the sounds of the rich putting their wealth into the coffers. Simply because the rich of the day (and arguably today) like to make a big scene out of their contributions, and when the collection containers are made out of bronze a lot of coins make a lot of noise.

Then this wonderful old lady, a widow comes up, and she puts two coins in. Their total today would be about half a penny. Odds are it was probably a bit embarrassing for her; it would after all barely make a sound.

Perhaps the disciples were muttering amongst themselves about the rich folks lavish gifts but Jesus points out that the widow gave all that she had, while the rich gave only a portion of what they had tons of.

Luke 21:5  And as some were speaking about the temple, that it had been adorned with beautiful stones and gifts, He said,

Luke 21:6  As to these things that you see, days will come in which a stone will not be left on a stone, which will not be thrown down.

Luke 21:7  And they asked Him, saying, Teacher, then when will these things be? And what will be the sign when these things are about to happen?

Luke 21:5-7

They got up and walked through the still under construction temple and some of the disciples mentioned just how amazing it was. There was no doubt that it was impressive, the stones used to make it were the size of rail road box cars. The whole place was looking lavish enough; in fact it’s quite possible that there was a certain amount of pride in this unfinished product. (It is incredibly ironic that the temple was only finished in 63 A.D. just 7 years before its total destruction in 70 A.D.)

Jesus prophesies that the whole place will be destroyed; there will be a time when not one stone will be left upon another. (When the Temple was destroyed the fire melted all the gold and precious metals, and the stones were destroyed and moved one at a time until there was no stone left upon another to get at the melted wealth.)

Of course the Disciples are shocked and amazed and ask Him when this will happen and what will be the signs to look for.

Luke 21:8  And He said, Watch that you not be led astray. For many will come on My name, saying, I AM! Also, The time has come! Do not go after them.

Luke 21:9  And when you hear of wars and disturbances, do not be afraid. For these things must first occur, but the end is not at once.

Luke 21:8-9

He told them (and us) that they had to really pay attention so that we wouldn’t be led away from the truth by false teaching (what is riddling many churches even now). Many have indeed come claiming to be Jesus Christ, not a month ago I saw a special on 3 separate people who claimed to be Jesus Christ. Believe me when I say there’s plenty more of them.

Jesus encourages us to walk in a personal relationship with Him to avoid deception. Don’t follow these false teachers, I am the one He is trying to make clear to us, that has saved and sealed you with the Holy Spirit.

He also warns us we’ll hear of wars and disturbances (rumors of wars) and let’s be honest since the end of the 2nd World War we’ve been in a constant state of War and rumor of war around the globe. This state has gotten worse and worse but even in the face of this we as Christians should not be afraid. These things must happen but it’s not yet the end.

Luke 21:10  Then He said to them, Nation will be lifted up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

Luke 21:11  Also there will be great earthquakes from place to place, and famines, and plagues. And also there will be terrors and great signs from Heaven.

Luke 21:10-11

There shall be nation warring against nation, and there shall be races fighting against other races. As I said above such is the case now, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the battle was over equality either. The spread of humanism certainly has made fighting about any cause even those that tear the country apart just fine as long as they promote equality of persons.

The number of earthquakes has risen substantially over time, and just this year we’ve had some very strong quakes. Just the other night scientists said on the news that the San Andreas Fault has large quakes more often than they first thought, the average of years between major quakes dropped from around 300 to 150 and perhaps less. That means fellow Californians that we are overdue for another large quake, which would not come as a shock, it would simply be another sign.

Famines and plagues are constant especially in 3rd world countries. 30,000 people die a day because there’s not enough food for them to stay alive.

As for signs from the heavens Shoemaker-Levy 9 was a fantastically scary sign when it plowed into Jupiter those years ago. Praise God for Jupiter.

Luke 21:12  But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you, and will persecute you, delivering you into the synagogues and prisons, being led away before kings and governors on account of My name.

Luke 21:13  But it will return to you for a testimony.

Luke 21:14  Then put into your hearts not to premeditate to make a defense.

Luke 21:15  For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all those opposing you will not be able to withstand or contradict.

Luke 21:16  But you will be betrayed also by parents, and brothers, and relatives, and friends. And they will put some of you to death.

Luke 21:17  And you will be hated by all because of My name.

Luke 21: 12-17

Jesus told those listening that before these things they would be grabbed, persecuted, taken to the synagogues and prisons. They would be led before king and governors because they preached the saving name of Jesus. However they would use all of these times to further testify to those who persecuted them about Jesus.

Jesus in fact promises the (Holy Spirit) to give them the words to utter, and the wisdom to fashion a unbreakable defense of their beliefs. (The Holy Spirit also does this around the world to this day.)

He also reveals that members of their own families, and even their best friends will betray them. Some believers will even be called upon to give up their lives, (Jesus NEVER said that being a Christian would be easy.)

Luke 21:18  And a hair of your head shall in no way perish.

Luke 21:19  By your patience you will gain your souls.

Luke 21:20  And when you see Jerusalem being encircled by armies, then recognize that its destruction has come near.

Luke 21:21  Then let those in Judea flee into the mountains; and those in its midst, let them go out. And those in the open spaces, let them not go into her.

Luke 21:22  For these are days of vengeance when all things that have been written are to be fulfilled.

Luke 21:23  But woe to the pregnant women, and the ones suckling in those days; for great distress will be on the earth and wrath on this people.

Luke 21:18-23

Not a head on their head would perish; Jesus saves the soul of the believer. The patience we have as we go through our walk and share our faith will win souls for Christ.

Right now we’re seeing Jerusalem surrounded by nations with armies that want nothing more to wipe it off the face of the earth.

Jesus now talks about a time during the Tribulation when believers won’t be here, this next section is addressed to the nation of Israel.

Let those in Israel flee to the mountains, let those outside Jerusalem stay outside and let none of those outside come back inside. For these are the days of vengeance, which need to be fulfilled, it is very interesting that the phrase days of vengeance is used. The 70th week of Daniel, 7 days which equal 7 years, the Tribulation period.

Christ ends this set of verses saying it’s going to be especially difficult for nursing mothers and infants. To which I think of the mayhem that’s going to be happening and can only nod my head.

Luke 21:24  And they will fall by the mouth of the sword and will be led captive to all the nations. And Jerusalem will be trodden down by nations, until the times of the nations are fulfilled.

Luke 21:25  And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars. And on the earth will be anxiety of nations with bewilderment, roaring of sea and of surf,

Luke 21:26  men fainting from fear, and expectation of the things coming on the earth. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

Luke 21:27  And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and much glory. Dan. 7:13

Luke 21:28  But these things beginning to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.

Luke 21:24-28

Right now we are in the times of the nations, in fact the times of the nations I believe will only come to an end when Christ with His Saints comes to set up His Kingdom and the end of the 7-year Tribulation.

We don’t know exactly what will happen in the Tribulation, (the Book of Revelation written by a 1st Century Apostle about 21st Century things gives us all the hints), suffice it to say Christians are in Heaven during the Tribulation and the Tribulation is the Wrath of God. In other words it won’t be good, it will however be perfectly just and a righteous wrath.

After the Tribulation The Lord Jesus will return with all the Saints, and He’ll save Israel and set up His Kingdom. This Kingdom of God will never end.

Note however that at the time Jesus was speaking to His believers, in other words the CORE of the Christian Church. And in verse 28 he tells them when all these things BEGIN look up because your redemption draws near.

Jesus Catching Up of His church, the Bride of Christ to be with Him forever and to return with them to His Father’s House in Heaven, is the NEXT thing on the Prophetic Agenda.

Luke 21:29  And He spoke a parable to them: You see the fig tree and all the trees.

Luke 21:30  Now when they sprout leaves, seeing it, you will know from yourselves that now the summer is near.

Luke 21:31  So also when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near.

Luke 21:29-31

The fig tree represents Israel in the Disciples future and in our past. Jesus was prophesying that Israel would once again become a nation, this happened in 1948, and it would be a super sign that His Coming for the Church was imminent.

Since His coming was imminent in 1948 it’s all the more so now in 2010. 

Luke 21:32  Truly I say to you, In no way will this generation pass away until all these things shall occur.

Luke 21:33  The heaven and the earth will pass away, but My Words will not pass away, never!

Luke 21:34  But take heed to yourselves that your hearts not be loaded down with headaches, and drinking, and anxieties of life, and that day come suddenly upon you

Luke 21:35  as a snare, for it will come in on all those sitting on the face of all the earth. Isa. 24:17

Luke 21:36  Then be watchful at every time, begging that you be counted worthy to escape all these things, the things being about to happen, and to stand before the Son of Man.

Luke 21:32-36

Once Israel becomes a nation again, 1948, not one generation will pass away before I come. This means not only will Israel NEVER be wiped out as a nation but that Jesus will both Rapture His Church and then return to set up His Never Ending Kingdom before the generation that witnessed Israel be reborn as a nation dies. *

There will eventually be a New Heaven and a New Earth, but God’s Word…Jesus…will last forever.

Be careful; always be ready for my return for you. Don’t get distracted; don’t get bogged down in the unimportant aspects of life. You don’t want it to catch you by surprise; after all you’re a child of God.

Always be ready so that when I come for The Church, the Bride of Christ, that you’re ready. You’re a Christian, you aren’t appointed to wrath, you are instead appointed to be before Me, at the Bema Seat of Christ instead. Where you will stand before me and be rewarded for your works.

Luke 21:37  And in the days, He was teaching in the temple. And going out in the nights, He lodged in the Mount of Olives.

Luke 21:38  And all the people came early to Him in the temple, to hear Him.

While Christ was there He taught in the Temple. At in the night He stayed on the Mount of Olives. And everyone came early to hear him speaking in the temple.

We Are Called to Be Ambassadors


The key of the Christian walk is to be fully engaged in a personal relationship with Christ through the Holy Spirit. Using prayer, personal Bible Study, Church, Small Group Bible study and many other things to help your walk to be robust. When you have a robust relationship with Christ you will in turn find that you are a fantastic ambassador for the Kingdom of God.

* Rapture Math

I put up an asterix earlier because I wanted to share a little something with you at the end of this article; it’s what I call Rapture Math.

I want to stress I’m not setting any dates because no-one knows the date or the hour, I’m simply showing you the Biblical generations, and what years they fall on. And doing a little math.


However I will note that once the Rapture does occur it will be possible to calculate the Return of Christ Jesus with His Saints.


Year + Biblical Generation Length  = Year  –  7 Year Tribulation = Possible Rapture Yr.

1948   +     40                             =      1988  –   7                             =  1981*

1948   +     70                             =       2018  –   7                            =   2011

1948   +     80                             =        2028 –    7                           =    2021

1948   +     100                           =         2048  –   7                          =     2041

1948    +    120                           =          2068  –   7                         =      2061

*Obviously 1981 is right out since that is in the past. 😉

You’ll notice that all of those calculations take us to times in the not too distant future, and whether or not this math ends up meaning anything it should get us on our toes. Don’t run the race of life flatfooted and tired we’re almost at the finish line, sprint, get up on those toes!

To be honest I’d rather have it sooner than later, and part of me certainly leans towards next year as that Biblical generation begins with a 7 the number of perfection.

When all is said and done while we do not know the hour of his coming we are called to be set apart, we are called to be always looking for His coming to Catch Us up to be with Him. Remember there’s even a crown for those who wait anxiously for His appearing.

So keep in a close relationship with Christ, and look up, knowing that you’re signed and sealed and all we’re waiting for is to be delivered!

In Christ,



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