Project 3:16 Continues with Ruth

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, Project 3:16, The Bible, Writing

Ruth 3:16: The Kinsman Redeemer

Ruth: 3:16: When Ruth returned, her mother-in-law Naomi asked, “How did things go, my daughter?” Ruth told Naomi everything the man had done for her.

I can just imagine Ruth unloading those six measures of Barley for her mother in law and describing everything that had happened. You see Ruth had gone with her mother in law because Naomi had lost everything she had, yet she claimed Naomi’s God as her own. Traveling to an unknown land she followed Naomi’s advice to the letter.

She had followed the farmers and collected what was left behind, having caught Boaz’s eye she again asked Naomi what to do. Naomi realized that Boaz was a relative, gave Ruth new instructions, which Ruth followed to the letter.

Rth 3:8 At midnight the man was shivering. When he turned over, he was surprised to see a woman lying at his feet.
Rth 3:9 “Who are you?” he asked. She answered, “I am Ruth. Spread the corner of your garment over me because you are a close relative who can take care of me.”
Rth 3:10 Boaz replied, “May the LORD bless you, my daughter. This last kindness-that you didn’t go after the younger men, whether rich or poor-is better than the first.
Rth 3:11 Don’t be afraid, my daughter. I will do whatever you say. The whole town knows that you are a woman who has strength of character.
Rth 3:12 It is true that I am a close relative of yours, but there is a relative closer than I.
Rth 3:13 Stay here tonight. In the morning if he will agree to take care of you, that is good. He can take care of you. But if he does not wish to take care of you, then, I solemnly swear, as the LORD lives, I will take care of you myself. Lie down until morning.”
Rth 3:14 So Ruth lay at his feet until morning. Then she got up early before anyone could be recognized.

Once Ruth had told Naomi all of this Naomi told her:

Rth 3:18 Naomi replied, “Stay here, my daughter, until you know how it turns out. The man won’t rest unless he settles this matter today.”

And so he did, he went to the city, and spotted the relative and told him to sit, then gathered 10 leaders of the city, as was the custom. They discussed the business at hand, how Naomi wanted to sell her dead husbands field. The other relative said he would take it on, but when Boaz revealed that that person would have to take on the Moabite Ruth as his wife. The man said he couldn’t because it would ruin his inheritance.

Boaz became Ruth’s Kinsman Redeemer. Although a Moabitess, Boaz had done right by the laws of Israel in his choosing.

If you look at the remainder of Ruth it is revealed that had the first relative passed on his inheritance and taken on Ruth and the inheritance that she was part and package of he would have been part of the royal line of the ultimate redeemer- Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we have to trust God, and have faith in what we do not see, and learn to allow the Holy Spirit to live in us. For by passing up an Earthly inheritance we gain an eternal one.

In Christ,



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