Letting Go of the Parachutes

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, From Adventism to Christ, The Bible, Writing

When I finally cut free of Seventh Day Adventism is was unfortunately with a rather angry and frustrated view. So much about Adventism had torn my family apart as far as I was concerned, the incident in Northern Ireland was especially painful for me.

Why are you throwing my dad under the bus? He was doing his job…he was doing things well? Is flowers and I’m sorry really the best you can do?!

And then a later incident at PSR which I will not go into in great detail totally soured myself to Adventism.

My future wife just came out to back us up for the weekend…you asked her to come…and you can’t pay her why?!

So I left bitter.

My marriage was not simply to the love of my life, it was an emergency beacom to the God who had hooked us up. To the God who had challanged me to study my Bible and prove to my mother that I would actually read it for myself.

Once settled in Oregon and going to Countryside Christian Fellowship, a Calvary Chapel my life was revolutionized. It was like every Sunday I took a refreshing shower in the Holy Spirit, and yet my Bible study was vexing. I would desperately want to cling to the things I knew from Adventism, even though such things were incongrous and not Biblically supported. I knew them…they were familiar…I trusted in them.

Imagine if you will this was your escape from Adventism, a plane, the kind that is perfectly good for sitting in. In my frustration with Adventism I decide to pop the hatch and jump out. I have no parachute, I didn’t really think about that, I just knew I needed to be out…I needed to freefall.

Faith. That’s what I needed, I needed to have Faith and trust solely in the saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Study the word.

In terminal velocity the Lord shows me new things, and they are cutting edge, freedom, new, enlightening….and scary.

And some yahoo apparently tossed old Adventist beliefs out the door after me to save me.

And I’d cling onto one…holding on for dear life…until convinced by God. “Don’t worry I’ve got that covered.”

Sighing in relief I’d let go only to panic and grab onto another old belief. The Lord would convince me again.

“It’s alright, you can let go, I’m mighty to save.”

Finally after much parachute grabbing, not to mention a tearing apart of my family (which was my fault and mine alone) and a horrible loss. I went and fully trusted the Lord.

I landed homeless in California, and since then I’ve been devoted to the God who saved me, and He has provided for all of my needs.

From full of Sin…to full of Him.

Stop clinging to the parachutes…and trust in Christ to lead you into the safety of His arms.

In Christ,



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