The Bible Runner Expansion

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Bible Runner, Outreach, Writing

The Bible Runner is Expanding!

Well I’m, to be very honest not amazed about how the Lord has blessed TBR because I had given it all over to Him when I started it just over a year ago. This is a Ministry to help people find freedom in Christ Jesus, and to experience the revolution that the Holy Spirit brings. That is not going to change in the slightest as a Former Adventist I feel as if I can’t help but share my new found faith, the Holy Spirit just won’t be quiet. Sometimes I feel like a born again Energizer Bunny…*Thump Thump Thump* I just keep sharing and sharing and sharing! *Spins Drumsticks* *Thump Thump Thump*

This is something I love to do, I’ve never been a Pastor in the traditional sense and I’m not sure I ever will be. However I have shared my faith and love of Jesus online through both Preaching the Word in and the blog you are reading now. Rest assured I’m not about to stop now; in fact I’m looking to expand.

Bible Runner Online 2.0

So what exactly is going to happen around the Bible Runner in the near future? To be entirely honest I’m not sure, but I know that the Holy Spirit is at work and I know where the changes will start.

The greatest need is the need for more contributors to TBR, as much as I love to share my beliefs I know of plenty of other people who would also be very happy to share their beliefs as well. However just like any open position you’re going to have to apply, provide some examples of your work and beliefs for consideration.

If you are interested in contributing/writing articles for The Bible Runner I would appreciate it if you could do the following:

1.Let me know your name or Nome de plum (pen name) and give me a short history of your background and a thorough understanding of your belief system.
2.Write a sample article, which doesn’t have to be long about salvation. And also a smaller article about any aspect of global religion would be appreciated.
3.Send your “Applications” to the following address:
4.Wait patiently for me to go through applications and respond.
5. If you are selected then I’ll let you know some of the finer details later.

Let me be very clear that I will respond to every application even from those that aren’t chosen. I will let you know why you have or haven’t been selected just so there’s no confusion.

I’m not sure just how many people God will take on through me but I’m guessing it will be more than two and less than five. There’s no pay involved, as an ambassador for Christ making a difference in someone’s life is payment enough.

The Bible Runner T-Shirt

Next week I’ll be meeting with the young man who’s making my design into the T-Shirt. If the T-Shirt comes out nicely I’ll try and come up with a way that if you want you can purchase one for yourself. The design is basically the same as the drawing I posted a few weeks back, but much cleaner, and with the cross in the sole of the running shoe red. As soon as I get the prototype I’ll model it and have some pictures taken of it, I’m really looking forward to that.

Possible Name Change

I’m debating about changing the subtitle on the website itself right now it shows up as The Bible Runner- Online. However I have a feeling that it will be sporting a new subtitle soon enough, that’s just something I’ll have to take up with God. Whatever the case may be you can expect a lot more content once we’ve got our new contributors onboard.

A Final Word

For those who wish to be contributors to TBR please take it up prayerfully, I will be lifting up this endeavor in prayer also. This website has been a place for the lost and inquisitive to find truth and to find a new life in Christ, it will remain that. So I would appreciate it if there were only serious inquiries only thank you.

In Christ,



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