Eternity of Devotion

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, The Bible

Eternally Devoted

Psalm 139

1. LORD, you have examined me closely and you know me deeply.

2. You know whatever I do; from heaven above you understand every one of my thoughts.

3. You always watch me, whether I am working or resting; you know all that I do.

4. Before I get a word out you know what I will say.

5. You surround me; you protect me with your power.

6. Your knowledge of me is so very deep; it is beyond my ability to comprehend.

7. Where could I go to leave you in the dust? Where could I hide from your awareness?

8. If I were to go up to heaven, I would find you there; if I were to rest in the world of the dead, I would find you waiting for me.

9. If I could fly away on massive wings to a place in the farthest east or made my home in the farthest place in the west,

10. you would be there to guide me, you would be there to counsel me.

11. I could beg the darkness to hide me or the light around me to turn into deepest night,

12. but even darkness is not dark for you, and the night is as luminous as the day. Darkness and light are equal to you.

13. You lovingly created every part of me; you carefully put me together in my mother’s womb.

14: I praise you because you are to be feared; all you do is beyond imagination. I know it with all my heart.

15. When my bones were being made, carefully placed together in my mother’s womb, when I was growing there in secret, you knew that I was there—

16. you saw me before I saw the light of day. The days set aside for me had all been recorded in your book, before any of them had been imagined.

17. My God, how perplexing I find your thoughts; there are so very many of them!

18. If I took the time to count them, they would be more than the grains of sand. When I awake, I am with you still.

19. My God, how I wish you would kill those who do evil! How I wish violent people would simply leave me alone!

20. They say vile things about you; they curse your name constantly.

21. My LORD, how I hate those who hate you! How I despise those who continually rebel against you!

22. I hate them with complete hatred; I see them as my enemies.

23. Examine me, My God, and know my mind; test me, and examine my thoughts.

24. Find out if evil is in me and guide me in the way eternal.
My Paraphrase

Unimagined Devotion

God’s devotion to each of us began even before creation, and it continued in the most intimate of ways. He created each one of us, forming us in the womb, each of us a beloved creation. Every moment of our development in the womb he oversaw like a protective parent, because make no mistake every from the moment of conception, in fact before conception he had written out every thing we’d ever experience and do.

I’d imagine that he has so many books up in Heaven for those children ripped out of the history books of creation. Rudely yanked out of the mothers’ womb and had that life denied to them no matter what the circumstance.

The only solace is that because of Gods’ devotion to them, they now have many brothers and sisters in Heaven. Jesus did always love the little children, and just like He died on Calvary for every sinner, He also died for those who never had a chance to really live.

A Devotion We Should Return

It is impossible for us to do anything to put Jesus in our debt, yet it is our duty to be devoted to Him. When we repent of our sins and allow the Holy Spirit into our lives we could so easily stop things there, choose that we’ll always be a baby Christian. The problem with being such a Christian is that we don’t know nearly enough and we can be tricked by things that sound right and led into beliefs that are incorrect.

Devotion on our part is being true to our repentance and letting the Holy Spirit fill us and lead us. Once the Holy Spirit indwells in us the first thing it does is seal us for Heaven, on repenting, and accepting the gift of Christ’s death on the Cross by faith we are granted eternal life. You could say we are letting God have back the title deed to our life; He paid for us with His blood and He signs and seals us with His Holy Spirit.

This Devotion to Him causes our spirit to be regenerated; it moves us on as we grow in our spiritual walk from Gerber food to solid food. This walk will not be easy, but as we grow spiritually and worship Him in spirit and in truth we will be transformed from the inside out. My sharp and harsh reactionary temper is all but gone; my addiction to online pornography has been ripped out to the roots, all because I finally let the Holy Spirit have the control it needed.

My Devotion is to God the Father. My Devotion is to Jesus. My Devotion is to the Holy Spirit. And because I am devoted to Him, He is devoted to me.

Let me be perfectly clear, I still have a sin nature, because of that I do sin far more than I want to. However the Spirit makes me uncomfortably aware of the sins when they happen, so uncomfortable that I bring them to the Lord for forgiveness.

I am always learning, living, striving and seeking to live in devotion to my Lord and Savior. And my Lord and Savior is always right there inside me through the Holy Spirit and leading me through this life. With the assurance of the eternal life I am already living I can stand up for Christ with confidence knowing that whatever He has planned for me that whenever my earthly tent fails I will go right into His presence.

An Eternal Devotion

We don’t know just what this time in Paradise is like we do know that Paul said:

Php 1:22 But if by continuing to live I can do more worthwhile work, then I am not sure which I should choose.
Php 1:23 I am pulled in two directions. I want very much to leave this life and be with Christ, which is a far better thing;
Php 1:24 but for your sake it is much more important that I remain alive.

He calls it far better; it is part of the eternal devotion, the promise that we’d go to Paradise when we died.

The most amazing thing is that as I’ve studied things I’ve found that this Paradise is actually a staging ground, or waiting area if you will for Heaven itself!

Jesus and the Angels will be there and it will be beyond our imagining! It will be utterly fantastic and in a way it will be the best thing ever.

On top of that it will also be a living, breathing, walking, preview of coming attractions of our final destination…Heaven! Or to be even more exact the New Heavens and New Earth!

New Heaven, New Earth, New Devotion

The most amazing thing about this devotion is that it is designed to last for eternity. And that’s not just on a person to savior level. God also promised many times about how he would make everything new, how he would take all of the brokenness out of this world.

But the Day of the Lord will come like a thief. On that Day the heavens will disappear with a shrill noise, the heavenly bodies will burn up and be destroyed, and the earth with everything in it will vanish.
2Pe 3:11 Since all these things will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people should you be? Your lives should be holy and dedicated to God,
2Pe 3:12 as you wait for the Day of God and do your best to make it come soon—the Day when the heavens will burn up and be destroyed, and the heavenly bodies will be melted by the heat.
2Pe 3:13 But we wait for what God has promised: new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness will be at home.

2 Peter 3: 10-13

That’s right, there will be a time after the Millennium when finally the New Jerusalem will descend to the Earth. This Earth and Heaven itself will be totally and completely fixed to the perfect state it was before sin entered both Earth and Heaven.

Remember that Heaven needs to be cleansed not because Jesus blood in the Heavenly Temple made things dirty, but because Satan and His Angels had access to Heaven until they were finally and completely banished during this Church/Grace Age, something that hasn’t even happened yet.

God is going to bring everything back to the way it was in the Garden of Eden, that devotion He craved, to spend eternity with the creation that He loved a reality forever. There will be no more sin, pain, sickness, or hurt. The endless future will instead be filled, with praise, worship, love, adoration and devotion.

That is why God is so devoted to us, from before time to a place of unending time. The call of eternity is why I am so devoted to Jesus Christ, because we were designed to be Devoted to our Creator and our King. We were designed to worship and enjoy a forever relationship with our savior, join Him and join me. Join all the Christians, from all time to time forever more.

In Christ,



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