Oprah Winfrey is NOT a Christian: Looking at the Dangers of False Teaching

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Blessings, Breaking News, Christian Beliefs, The Bible

Oprah is NOT a Christian: Looking at The Dangers of False Teachings
Oprah Winfrey

Scripture of the Day

1Ti 4:1 God’s Spirit clearly says that in the last days many people will turn from their faith. They will be fooled by evil spirits and by teachings that come from demons.

1st Timothy 4:1

As Revealed in the Bible

As Revealed in the Bible

The spread of false doctrine like a suffocating oil slick of darkness was prophesied many many years ago. As usual everything goes back to the fall of Lucifer, Adam’s sin, and the all about me attitude. Because of this humans have spent the better part of their collective time on earth eliminating God and elevating man. We live in a day and age where those in charge espouse relaxed morals, and those in charge have allowed Lucifer to cloud their minds and come up with their own rules, their own set of beliefs.

These people would share their beliefs; they would proclaim them on television and in seminars, anywhere their false teachings would be heard. Generally these teachings are accepted over the Bible because they offer

    another way to God.

These teachers seek to give people the power; they turn God into something manly and man into something Godly.

As I share the following quotes from Oprah (and guests) with you, you’ll notice that the saddest thing is that she used to have the truth. This just goes to show that these false teachings appeal so much to the natural wants and inclinations of humanity that it is as if they were packaged for prideful sinners. I believe they were.

The Quotes

The following quotes were taken from much pausing and playing of a podcast found at http://www.olivetreeviews.org. I will be bolding the error in the beliefs of Oprah and italicizing the truths. I will also point out that most of the times as would be expected she has a guest or book author that you can hear saying “Yes…Yes” in agreement throughout the sound clips. This is really creepy, so you can experience it I’ll try and include a direct link to the episode at OliveTreeViews. Videos and other information about Oprah’s supposed Christian views can also be found at http://www.alwaysbeready.com look for her section under the letter O.

Oprah: I was like you Marji*. I thought that Jesus came and died on the cross that Jesus being here was about Him coming and dying on the cross. When it was really about Him showing us how to do it, how to be. To show us the Christ Consciousness that He had and that Christ Consciousness can abide with each of us. That’s what I got, that’s what I got.

Let me comment on quote one and it breaks my heart because the first thing that comes out after her comment to Marji (I couldn’t make out the name on the sound bite) is the Gospel truth! I other words she HAD the truth and she gave it up for a pretty sounding lie, just as God warned us through today’s verse.

You’ll notice that she gets stuck on this Christ Consciousness thing; I shouldn’t need to tell you that this is a false doctrine.

Oprah: And what I hear you saying, feel you saying in this book is that this book isn’t about believing this book is about what you come to know for yourself. What you become to feel for yourself, and that what you are saying is that God in the essence of all consciousness isn’t something to believe. God is…God is…and God is a feeling experience and not a believing experience. And that if your religion is a believing experience, if God is still about believing for you then it’s not truly about God.

The amount of breaking down I had to do here is frightening but the key point is this; a true relationship with God IS a Believing Experience and Not a feeling experience. Once again the saddest thing about this sound clip is that the truth is once again throughout her answer, she has simply turned her back on the truth to something that makes her feel better.

The unfortunate thing is that sometimes you can be overcome by the feeling of the work of the Holy Spirit, but this feeling is based on a TRUST in GOD and a BELIEVING in the GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE through CHRIST. Since God has never changed, and never will change we can have FAITH in our feeling of SECURITY in GODS’ hands.

This next sound clip is carries a huge impact because she actually gets in a confrontation with a Christian about the way to God. I will label both Oprah and Guest.

Oprah: One of the mistakes that most human being make is that there is only one way to live. And you don’t accept [there] are diverse ways of being in the world. There are millions of ways-“

Guest: But what about God?

Oprah: There are many ways to what you call God. Her path might be something else and when she gets there she might call it The Light. But her life, her loving and her kindness and her generosity if it brings her to the same point that it brings you it doesn’t matter if she calls it the Light or God along the way or not.

Guest: –and I guess that the danger could be in that I mean it sounds good at the outset, but if you really look at both sides-“

Oprah: There couldn’t possibly be just one way!

Guest: What about Jesus?

Oprah: What about Jesus?!

Guest: His father raised Him up on the Cross and you are saying there isn’t only one way. There is only one way and that is through Jesus.

Oprah: There couldn’t possibly be one way!

Guest: Because you say there isn’t.

Oprah: There couldn’t possibly be!

After which there is applause on the recording, I sure hope it wasn’t for Oprah. In case you were wondering The Light and God are probably not the same thing, remember that the Bible says that Lucifer could take on the appearance of an Angel of Light. That is also why false teachings can seem so tempting, because they are designed to appeal to our human…sin nature.

There is one way to God. And that is through Jesus Christ.

God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die. God did not send his Son into the world to condemn its people. He sent him to save them! No one who has faith in God’s Son will be condemned.

John 3:16-18a

If you don’t have faith in the only way:

But everyone who doesn’t have faith in him has already been condemned for not having faith in God’s only Son. John 3:18b

Unfortunately most are conned like Oprah into believing deceptive teachings and another verse in John Chapter 3 explains why.

The light has come into the world, and people who do evil things are judged guilty because they love the dark more than the light. People who do evil hate the light and won’t come to the light, because it clearly shows what they have done.

John 3: 19-20

Oprah I say this in fear for your soul, you know the truth and have gone to a lie, you know that there’s only one way, return to that way.

The next sound clip could be paired with the above but was from a separate dialogue on the recording; I won’t even have to comment on it.

Oprah: There are certainly many more ways to God other than Christianity.

Next Oprah quotes Ekhart Tolle and unfortunately agrees with Him:

Oprah: That what I believe is that Jesus Christ came to show us Christ Consciousness. Man made God in his own image. The eternal infinite and unknowable was reduced to a mental idol that you had to believe as our god or my god. Now I think that’s very eloquently put by Ekhart Tolle in Chapter One. But that was exactly when I was…um…you know when I was sitting in church.

All I have to say on this is that if Oprah was thinking about changing God to her own image of God, (when she was sitting in church no less), then she was doing that because she did not want to have to face up to God and repent before God.

I would recommend that she repent before God and humbly accept the gift of eternal life by Grace through Faith in the death of Jesus Christ.

If anyone does not they will end up at the Great White Throne Judgment and will Bow before Jesus before being sent for Eternal Damnation in the Lake of Fire.

The final quote is full of um’s and this time she’s on with a guest she agrees with but I will label them Oprah and Guest to make things clearer.

Oprah: Now you say that Ekhart Tolle gave you a different way, on reading this book gave you a different way to look at Jesus Christ?

Guest: Yes, absolutely.

Oprah: How so?

Guest: Um…I’ve always…um tried to find a deeper inner connection with the purpose that Christ had here on earth. And all my life I thought it was just for Him to come and die on the Cross for my sins. But I now realize that Jesus actually taught me Christ Consciousness, it’s who to be fully human is more Christ like.

Oprah: Yeah.

Guest: So it’s not uh…about any time…um…you follow your spiritual calling that you are a lesser human.

Oprah: Yes, I’m a Christian too. And I got that a long time ago. I mentioned this on a book called Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth when he talks about the Christ Consciousness. And up until then I was like you [were]. I thought that Jesus came and died on the Cross. That Jesus being here was about Him [Christ] dying on the cross, but it was really about Him coming to show us how to do it. To be…to show us a Christ Consciousness that He had and that consciousness abides within all of us that’s what I got.

Guest: Yes.

Oprah: That’s what I got.

Guest: Yes.

Oprah: That’s what I got. Thank You. *Audience applause*

(Bolding now used for emphasis)

The Problem with Christ Consciousness

There is a rather significant problem with Christ Consciousness and Oprah’s declaration that “…it abides within all of us…”

God through the Holy Spirit, through our Conscience, convicts us of our SIN.

God gave the 10 Commandments to point out our SIN to us.

And Christ came to further convict us of our SIN, and that SIN IS very much in all of us. Yet at the same time Christ came to DIE in OUR PLACE on the CROSS to WASH AWAY OUR SINS in His Blood. It is up to US to accept the fact that we SIN, but CHRIST DIED for our Sins. Then we get a FREE GIFT from GOD of ETERNAL LIFE by GODS’ GRACE through FAITH.

The Problem with Christ Consciousness is this: it is Satan’s way of disguising Sin.

If Christ Consciousness is “…within us all…” the only thing that’s in all of us at such a subconscious level is SIN, and since Christ NEVER SINNED then Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with CHRIST.

I’d rather HAVE CHRIST ON MY CONSCIENCE than to live in the lie, not to mention SIN of Christ Consciousness.

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Thanks to Jan Markel and guests for making this available for free.

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In the Love of Christ,



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