Project 3:16 continues with Judges

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, The Bible

Judges: 3:16 But Ehud made himself a dagger, which had two edges, a cubit long. And he tied it under his clothing upon his right thigh.

The situation is this; the Israelites have messed up, again. Not shocking at all really is it in fact by now it’s par for the course. They say oh yes Lord we’ll follow what you say no doubt about it. However soon enough there is doubt about it, oh these are nice cups and plates, oh these people aren’t that bad. And because they didn’t do exactly as the Lord asked them to do, he’s letting them get routed, beaten and ruled over by the very people they were supposed to have routed themselves.

God is however wonderfully long suffering; He loves each and every one of us even when we’re not following His suggestions. Right now, thousands of years later.

Back then God realized that not all of the Israelites were being idiots, some of them were actually doing the right thing. They were worshipping Him and Him alone, keeping the commandments; to be frank they were getting it right. God looked down on this minority, and the rest of Israel and sent them help.

Ehud was one of these helpers; he’s also quite the weapons forger. The dagger he’s forging in verse 16 is going to be used for a very specific action. You see he’s going to go to the ruling King, whose name was Eglon with the taxes. The King of course thought smashing they’ve paid their respects to me that’s lovely and dent Ehud and a guy who isn’t even named away.

He then went back to the King with a plan. And he carried it out very well because his advisors found King Eglon too late, dead, with that blade all the way through him.

Of course the Israelites thought that was fantastic, praise the Lord, we’ll serve you Lord and King!

But this is the beginning of a book, and it didn’t last for very long.

Today Christians often forget to worship the Lord fully; we take a lot of credit for the things that happen to us. For our wonderful jobs, for our cars, for our Blackberry’s when it is really God who provided these things for us. We wind up worshiping ourselves instead of or Lord and Savior for his provisions. Let’s get it straight, let’s spend our spare time in gracious praise of God, for He is our provider and our strength.

In Christ,



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