Running the Race: Pride- Leave it at the Start

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, Running the Race, Writing

Out of the Blocks

Running the Race

Stage One

Forgetting Self, Leaving Pride at the Start

You’ve probably heard someone say they’re part of the “race of life” before, if on the other hand this is your first time seeing that phrase join me as we look at life as a race.

Here in Southern California everyone seems to be trying to “get ahead” they drive down the freeway on their way to work cutting through traffic like a Ginsu knife. They always have a cellphone out, bluetooth headset in their ear, or are cruising the web on their smart phones. They are trying to make something of themselves, trying to be better, move faster, and look younger. They’re trying to improve their me, making it better and more attractive and special than anyone else’s me.

As a pedestrian I see absurdly dangerous things happening in cars all the time. Just a few days ago I saw a woman on the go eating from a cup-o-noodles. I don’t know about you but eating a cup-o-noodles and driving seems like a fast trip to the emergency department to me. People drive with their knees so they can text with their fingers, while they’re driving through residential streets. These people may have bluetooth headsets but I see many people holding open cellphones to their ears.

So many people are sucked up into making everything about them. Their lives revolve around themselves, they want to be liked and loved by friends and peers. They want to be all that and a bag of chips, the crème de la crème, the king of the mountain. And they can be if they ignore one thing, a very important thing. It’s not about them.

Really it’s not, we’re not gods or idols that people should worship. In fact most people on this earth go about blissfully unaware that there is someone more important than anyone who has lived on this earth for over 2,000 years.

Jesus Christ.

The only begotten Son of God.

God, the creator and sustainer of all things; Sovereign ruler of the universe, the great I am, the King of King and Lord of Lords and King of the Mountain of Zion.

We were created back in the beginning; we were created to have a life of eternal Fellowship with God in the Garden of Eden.

Satan however used the serpent to con Adam and Eve; he convinced Eve that the fruit of the tree would make them just like God. The first sin on Earth was mankind trying to elevate themselves into the same position as God.

Selfishness. Self. I. Me.

Pride is such a tricky business. There is nothing wrong with being proud of an accomplishment, whether in school, work, sports or other like things. However when you start claiming that you are the reason for your success, and there’s no other reason for you being as good as you are you are making a dangerous mistake.

God is the one who made you. He is the one that gave you your skills, knowledge and talent. He is the one that enables you to grow and to learn, He is the one who places you where He needs you. You should be thankful to Him, you should be proud of Him; you should turn the focus of praise to Him.

Satan has turned this planet into a morass of Selfishness everyone running round and focusing on him or herself. The Father of Lies wants nothing more than for you to have a selfish focus; he wants everything to be so fast, and so focused on oneself that we have no time or inclination to look to God. No time to read the Bible and search it’s words, and realize that it’s not about us, but about finding Jesus, The Christ.

The first step to running the race of life is to run away from self. This goes against our sinful nature; everything naturally draws one to turn the spotlight of life on themselves. Humans as a whole are incredibly selfish, and that’s not the way it was, and it’s not the way is has to be.

We can turn things around, we can return to that Garden of Eden existence before that first Sin. God wants us to return to Him through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. It’s not going to be easy, if fact it’s like running a hurdles race in track and field, there’s difficult problems you’ll have to jump over.

The promise of what’s ahead at the finish line is great, it’s so much bigger than a world record or an Olympic medal. For in the end if you finish the race you will find yourself in Eternity, at the Bema Seat of Christ, and He will give you crowns of Glory that will last forever.

So as you break out of the blocks at the starters pistol leave Self in your wake, and clear the first hurdle of Pride and you’re well on your way.

In Christ,



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