Project 3:16 continues with Joshua

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, Project 3:16, The Bible
No Light Photography

Taken last week in Loma Linda CA

I’ll be using my personal photographs to highlight the beauty of nature and to highlight the fact that God is and always will be my Creator and King.

Joshua 3:16 that the waters which came down from above stopped and rose up all in a heap, very far from the city Adam that is beside Zaretan. And those that came down toward the sea of the plain, the Salt Sea, were completely cut off. And the people passed over across from Jericho.

The Levites are all set; they’re the priestly tribe of Israel so they’ve been told they have to lead the way. Those bearing the Ark of the Covenant are at the very front of a long line of people. Though it’s just the warriors and priests that’s still a great huge flock of people, and this flock of people is PUMPED UP because Joshua pumped them up after Moses had pumped him up. After this long wandering around in the desert for way too long, and loosing people along the way because they lost faith they’re finally about to take a big step of faith.

They’re 12 feet away from the Jordan River now, just twelve long strides, and the River is still raging. This is not some tiny trickle of a stream this is the main river in the land, and at this crossing it’s running wide and fast. But this crossing is exactly where the Lord told them to cross so cross they will. Though the water is rushing fast they are certain in their faith that God will give them passage.

You see all this wandering around in the desert has hardened the soles of their feet but it has also, finally, solidified the most important thing. After rebellion, death, wavering, lying, fighting and slaying of their very own they’ve chosen to accept God’s rules and his game plan. They are quite certain that the Lord God will provide a way across the raging river in front of them. They are five paces away now, and still they do not slow down.

In fact they never slow down they step right over the edge, and the Lord at the very last moment stops the flow of the water. The Israelites cross over the riverbed into the Promised Land.

If you invite The Holy Spirit to dwell in you and you follow the Holy Spirit’s leadings I can promise you things won’t be boring. They might not be what you’d always planned but once the Holy Spirit is living in you the plans of the Lord become your plans. Because as you put your faith in the Lord to lead you thorough His Holy Spirit, you’ll find a strange difference in the way you see and do things. Things won’t be obviously different in the beginning, but after a while you’ll notice the change. And because the Lord takes residence in your heart it will seem like the most natural change in the world.

So have Faith, even in the hard times, and even in the dark times, the Lord does know where he’s leading you to go.

In Christ,



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