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In a totally shocking and very welcome event a large group of hareidi-religious Jews ascended the Temple Mount Tuesday and received friendly service from the police there. This is unlike the harsh treatment they have been typically recieving when they attempt to visit the mount. One of the Jews was even allowed to fully prostrate himself in prayer, facing in the direction of the location of the ancient Temple which many believe will be rebuilt to fulfill Biblical prophecy.

Rabbi Prostrate on the Temple Mount Looking towards site of the Temple.

This is very unexpected and it could be a sign that times are further changing leading to the Tribulation, this of course means that the Return of Christ for His Church, which is imminent could happen at any time. I believe it has to happen before the Tribulation begins.

Here’s a link to the original article. Click here for the full news article.

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Sadness, Gladness and Joyfulness

Sometimes the reality of our problems can take a little while to sink in, and sometimes they are not pointed out to us. Most people wouldn’t point out issues that will rock the boat; life is already hard enough what is the point of doing something that could cause issues. Who needs another stumbling rock right? I’ve got things under control, I can do things my way and I’ll be all right. My works are good enough I don’t need to change them.

As friends we might even encourage other that we’re good enough, we constantly compare ourselves to other people and say well at least we’re not as bad as that bloke. There is a distinct problem with this approach, and that’s simply we’re comparing ourselves to other men. If we were to compare ourselves to Jesus Christ we’d realize that we have serious problems, let’s take a look at them below:

A Much Deeper Look at John 14:1-3

(An article I found on the Internet called Jewish Marriage Customs inspired this article. What I have endeavored to do is take the information found therein and make it a little simpler to follow. A link to the original article will be included at the bottom of the post the original article also has footnotes I did not include in this version.)

A Case of Dismay


The Disciples were getting worried. They were certainly expecting a coronation of a King of Kings that is what the Jews expected of Jesus. It was after all exactly what had been foretold in the Prophets, I mean sure there was some other confusing elements about a Savior that was sacrificed. Surely though those writings spoke of someone else, you can hardly be both a conquering King and a suffering savior can you?

And yet recently Jesus had been talking of His dying and rising back to life after three days, this didn’t fit into their plans. Jesus was meant to be their ticket out from under the current rule, he was meant to lead a revolution and be unstoppable. Yet in a few hours all they knew would be changed forever.


Did You Know: When a Christian Dies…they Go to be with Christ! And here’s how that works.

What if…no one were in Heaven right now?

 This last Saturday I attended concert for two awesome bands from my grade school years, Dude! and True Tale. To say the evening was righteous would be an understatement, the music was great and the atmosphere was electric and the music was as loud as it should be. Afterwards I mingled visiting with people I hadn’t been around in years; I shared pictures of my boys, found out how lives were going. As I was talking with some friends I made a forgetful mistake of saying the one child I lost was up in Heaven. To which the immediate response was: Ross, no one’s there yet.

It was an honest mistake; I’m so used to being around mainline Christians that I had forgotten my old beliefs. However hearing those beliefs from the perspective of one outside the Adventist Church I realized just how sad and hollow, I’ll even use the world hopeless those beliefs were. The idea that no one is in Heaven who died or dies right now is incomprehensible to me; I know such a stance would be incomprehensible to Jesus also.


The Lesson of Agape Love Learned through Simon-Peter

Simon-Peter was perhaps my favorite of the 12 Disciples. He had an unbounded joy and a eagerness to do whatever it took to please Jesus. He was always saying profound things only to trip himself up moments later but it was clear that our Lord Jesus loved him greatly. Today we’re going to simply look at a few passages of interplay featuring Jesus and Peter and see what we can learn from them today.

At the Last Supper

The more things changed the more they stayed the same. Not long after Jesus Christ had changed the Passover into a Remembrance Service for His upcoming Crucifixion the disciples had gotten into an argument over who was greatest. I’m quite certain Jesus had a wry smile on His face as He set them straight with His last bit of fresh teaching on the Kingdom.



 15 Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.17 The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.

1 John 2:15-17 (NASB)

The Apostle John wrote of course the Gospel that bears his name and the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He also wrote a trio of Epistles 1-3rd John and they are filled with some of the most timely writing you could possibly find. Today we’re looking at 2nd John chapter 2 verses 15-17.

 First of all he warns us to not love either the world or the things of the world.

 I’ve said a number of times that we’re born with a sin nature; this sin nature makes us drawn to the things of this world. Right now this world is under the control of Satan and he makes everything all right in fact he makes everything perfectly okay and generally keeps the focus on selfish things.

 Everything we love in this world is in one-way or another superficial; you only need to watch the commercials on TV to figure that out. We have commercials for mascara that lengthens and makes lashes fuller and sexier, and then we’ve got bra’s that magically increase your breast sizes (and feature roiling fireballs and ladies with next to nothing on), and then we’ve got the latest episode of On the Red Carpet.

We’ve got major musical productions that are more about wearing the sexiest and strangest outfits possible and dancing like a stripper without a pole. Age defying makeup, Botox Restylence, Shake Weight, and just about anything you can imagine making yourself new and improved. All about making you younger and sexier because you deserve it, it’s all about you, and sex sells.


“Soon Son, very very soon.”

Jesus Taught the Pre-Tribulation Rapture 

I’m quite certain the title of my post grabbed everyone’s attention and it was meant to, you see it is very important that people realize that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a proper teaching. So many people have claimed it’s a recent thing especially those who for some unknown reason want to go through the Tribulation period itself. However Jesus himself, God the Son, taught a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of his Bride, the Church. And not only does He teach it he teaches it twice and we’re going to look at the two places right now.

First of all we are going to look at His second teaching and then we’ll look at His first to expound upon His second. The second time that Jesus mentions the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church is in the book of Revelation. Some people forget that the book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, sent via and angelic Messenger to John while he was on the Isle of Patmos. Revelation 3:10 is below and it seems to be very straight forward, however some people seem to stumble over it anyway so I’ll expound upon it below.


This post is long…read 10 page Word document long but there is a LOT to cover and wanted to give everything full coverage.

I’d also like to apoligize for not posting recently the servers were down at the library.

Sabbath…Sunday…What Does it Matter? And does it matter to your salvation?

 This article is very personal and it came from a conversation with some wonderful Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) friends of mine last Friday night after The Grove, the Friday Night service. As usual my terminology did not make sense to them, just as their terminology would confuse (and often does lead both sides to) misunderstand each other. I’ll freely admit that I got angry and flustered simply because while we use the same words to describe certain beliefs, the beliefs behind those words are so very different. So that is why I walked away last night, because the frustration of not reaching each other made continuing the conversation pointless and would simply led to further frustration.

Because of that confusion as I walked home I was led by The Holy Spirit to write the following article. It took two sessions (the first from midnight to 3 am) and a total of 5 and a-half hours to bring it to completion in this form. It is my hope that this article will make things much clearer to both my SDA friends and others who visit this site as to the difference between Sabbath and The Lord’s Day (Sunday) and why mainline Christianity meets on Sunday.

I also hope this article clears up any lingering questions that people have over what saves them, and what seals them. It is my prayer through Christ that this article will bring a clearer understanding of just what the Bible has to say about these subjects.

 A further word of warning this is a heavy study and long post with a LOT of Bible quotes along the way to help make things clear. That said I wanted to cover the topic exhaustively and I want to state right at the outset that I believe that God does call us to go to Church to study the word with other believers. It is simply a question of:

 1)      Which day is the correct day for you personally to worship on?

2)      What are the differences between the Sabbath and The Lord’s Day (Sunday)?

3)      Is going to church on a certain day what gives you Salvation?

4)      If not…what does?


Out of the Blocks

Running the Race

Stage One

Forgetting Self, Leaving Pride at the Start

You’ve probably heard someone say they’re part of the “race of life” before, if on the other hand this is your first time seeing that phrase join me as we look at life as a race.

Here in Southern California everyone seems to be trying to “get ahead” they drive down the freeway on their way to work cutting through traffic like a Ginsu knife. They always have a cellphone out, bluetooth headset in their ear, or are cruising the web on their smart phones. They are trying to make something of themselves, trying to be better, move faster, and look younger. They’re trying to improve their me, making it better and more attractive and special than anyone else’s me.

As a pedestrian I see absurdly dangerous things happening in cars all the time. Just a few days ago I saw a woman on the go eating from a cup-o-noodles. I don’t know about you but eating a cup-o-noodles and driving seems like a fast trip to the emergency department to me. People drive with their knees so they can text with their fingers, while they’re driving through residential streets. These people may have bluetooth headsets but I see many people holding open cellphones to their ears.


A post about a couple of site updates:

1: Today I added the Bible Runner @ Market Night page so check it out! TBR @ MArket Night!

2: An update on the writing of the Bible Runner Novel has been added to the following page: Updates on the Bible Runner Novel/Story/Script

Tomorrow I’ll have a book review for you.

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